This Picture…..

…speaks as loud as the words.

While most men his age are retired and in their vacation homes, he comes back after a long day that probably started before the sun rose.
Hat in his hand, he gets back home exhausted with his tie open feeling that an accomplished day is finally over.
This amazing man is in the age of many people’s grandfathers, and great grandfathers – but this man just came back home, from a hard day’s work.
This man left his massive gold covered mansion where he could retire happily and play golf all day long, put his wealth aside and went to work for free, for $1 a year, for us for America.
While other presidents became rich from the presidency, this man LOST over 2 billion dollars of his wealth during this short 4 years of his life. He put aside his amazing retirement lifestyle for getting ambushed every single day by the media and the Radical Left Democrats that trash this man who works for them until 1AM for free.
He doesn’t do it for money (he donates his salary) or power, he already had- he does it so all Americans will be able to find jobs or start a new business easier, so they will be able to keep a few dollars in their pockets at the end of the month – while other presidents before him made sure to keep digging in the pockets of all Americans and empty them for taxes.
Look at this picture again, that man is at the age of your fathers, grandfathers or maybe YOU. The American People are in a bad place right now…. in their hearts and souls. God help us…. Trump is not the problem!
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