From the Outside….

…Looking In.

Episode #1

When I chose the URL for my blog as “fyihealthtalk’, I never realized how broad the topic of health could be. I expected to discuss only the topics pertaining to today – our day and time. However, the happenings that have been going on in our world have totally changed my perspective on ‘health’.

With the pandemic that has been forced upon us, I got to thinking, and asking questions of myself about everything in life – pertaining to what, why, where, when, how, and many others. With everyone in the world’s lives being put on hold, my first questions is HOW has it affected us all? Speaking as a senior citizen age wise, but not feeling like one, mind and health wise, I thought about WHAT should or could I be doing.  Two things came to mind, I could remain active, or I could become what is called “a couch potato” sitting around all day watching TV. After all, you can only do so much house cleaning, and yard work, and if your eyesight, hearing and health is failing, what is left? But whether you are a senior citizen or are young in age or a child, everyone’s lives have been affected in one way or another.

With all that being said, I decided to go back to the beginning, WHERE all of our lives began, with a series of blogs – written in Episodes, and am calling it FROM THE OUTSIDE – LOOKING IN!

This phrase can be interpreted in so many different ways. It can be on a personal level as looking at a person on the outside and wondering what that person may be like on the inside. Is he/she healthy or sick? Is he/she a nice person? OR, you can be looking at the outside of a beautiful mansion and wondering what it might look like on the inside. These are two examples, but what about this OR? Biblically speaking we are children of God, made in His image which is what one sees everyday as you glance at each other and/or your surroundings.

It was while reading my bible, which I have read at least 10 or more times from cover to cover, starting with the book of Genesis – questions I have never thought about before kept coming into my mind.

Adam was the first man and Eve was the first woman, but where did they come from? The story is in the book of Genesis, in the Bible. However, is there a bigger picture pertaining to this story.

The universe didn’t create itself. So there has to be a God. We know God to look like man if man is created in the image of God. But did God have a wife?  We know woman to be made from the rib of Adam, but why does she look different from Adam (a man). Is she created in the image of God’s wife? Can we assume then – that we not only have a Father in Heaven, but a Mother in Heaven?

We know how babies are born on earth, BUT are these earthy babies born in the image of babies in Heaven? Can we assume that the babies in Heaven, which must be spiritual babies are conceived in heaven through the Father God and the Mother God – the same as they are conceived here on earth?

While doing this research I came upon a video I would like to share with you. It is a documentary. It aided in my finding the answer to some of the questions I had.  The name of the video ‘Is Genesis History’ answers the question of – is it history or just a story, the figment of someone’s imagination.


Are we still on the outside – looking in? Where does it go from here?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” (ARISTOTLE)

Until my next blog, and the rest of the story – MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

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