Reflections #1


I use the plural  ‘reflections’ because it, like most words, has many meanings.

The Webster Dictionary shows ‘reflection’ to be: act of bending back; return of light or soundwaves from a surface; production of an image; an effect produced by influence; a thought or idea or opinion formed; consideration of some subject matter; turning back. It goes on and on.

The first thought that comes to most peoples minds is what you see looking back at you when you stand in front of a mirror. Other thoughts could include: someone’s headlights reflected in the rearview mirror in the car, which blinds you as you drive; the sun bouncing off the water in the lake or ocean; the image of the clouds on the water; remembering things you have done or didn’t or should have done in your life.

Reflections can be good or bad, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, anything or action that has a consequence or an opposite attached to it.

As far back as I can remember, some parts of my life were different, and some, the same as they are today. As a child, I remember, every summer, laying on my back on the soft grass, looking at the clouds in the sky and marveling about how good life was. At the same time I was wishing life away, dreaming of the future, wondering how long it would take for me to become a grownup. Back then, children looked at older people as grown-ups. The word adult wasn’t in the vocabulary of a 4 or 5 year old. Mom and dad were grown-ups, they were bigger than me. At that time, it just seemed to me that life went to slow, why couldn’t it go faster. Today as an adult/grown-up, life has gone by faster than I like, and is still on the fast tract.

As kids, in the ‘old days‘, to keep track  of the past we made and kept scrapbooks. And, yes, it is still done today, depending on who you are. In short, we kept a history – the story of our lives. We wrote down memories, loaded our scrapbooks with pictures – as they say, “pictures are worth more than a thousand words.” We filled them with memoirs – notes people gave us, cards we received, awards we won, report cards, etc. It was always fun when you had something new to add to your scrapbook. I have many scrapbooks, some of the old skinny kind, and some of what have now turned into 4″ binders. As well, there are many binders of ‘genealogy’ records – which in my mind are an extension of the scrapbooks.

As a senior – the past is always referred to as the ‘good old days‘, as well we should, since the ‘old days’ were better than they are now. They were ‘good’. Yes, there was also bad in the old days, but as I reflect, the good or the bad, the right or the wrong was and still is the result of choices made in our lives. The choice of Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, which ever we chose then, or  choose now, or will in the future, reaps a consequence – the result of which affects us for the rest of our lives. The ‘freedom of being able to have a choice’ was given to everyone in the world by GOD! This is a reflection or remembrance in my mind, and is not a figment of my imagination. My question, at this time, is WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THAT FREEDOM and WHY?

I hope in the continuance of this blog, to find an answer to that question. I leave you with a poem:


Snowflakes gently fall as the cold
Winter breeze dances in the darkness .
My dreams are mirrored on the frosted glass
While looking into the night, I search for the
nature of reality.
Five children brought meaning to this lonely heart,
Entering the world amidst the confusion of their time
Filling life with happiness, joy and love,
Along with hurt, and the complexities of growing pains.
Trials, tribulations, and survival have cast each
Into the next phase of life’s commitment;
And for a moment I feel alone,
Yearning again for the fullness of love and companionship
As reflections mirrored on the frosted glass at dawn,
Break my dreams into reality.

(Ilse Jean Cutrubus – February 17, 1986)

Until the next segment on ‘Reflections’, may GOD BLESS US ALL!

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