A Soldiers Prayer

The Red, White And Blue

Dear Lord, I’ve fought for freedom
for many nights and days, “It’s now on bended knee I come to you
These words please hear me pray.

For all my friends and patriots
who never said a word
Just raised their hand and gave a nod
When they were asked to serve.

Please help them and hold them
Your love keep them from harm
May they find some peace tonight
In your loving arms.

For all who love this country
and stood up so brave and true,
It’s only for her rights we fight
God bless the red, white and blue.

I was inspired to share this with you as we all are literally fighting for our freedom in this year of 2020. We are not fighting for this man or that man, or this personality or that personality – we are fighting for what’s right against what’s wrong. We are fighting to live freely or live a tyrannical existence. We must choose one side or the other.

In my opinion, what is happening today, here on this earth is a continuation of the War in Heaven between Satan (Mammon), and Jesus Christ (our Lord and Savior). You are here, reading this, because you chose the side of Jesus Christ in heaven before you were born.

You might want to think about that decision – what you have done with that choice for freedom – how you have handled your life – how do you see your future by the choices you have made in the past, as well as the present? Have you forsaken God? Have you decided Satan had a better plan? Can you see where that plan is leading you now in today’s world? Are you happy and free or are you angry and bitter? Do you really want a one world government and leader dictating what you can and cannot do with your life from now on?

If you choose Satan, the Utopia you are looking, wishing for and think you will be getting, will not be what you envision. It is only through believing in Jesus Christ and God our Father in Heaven that you will find that Utopia. When asked by His disciples….

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The Adversary or Mammon cannot give you this promise. WAKE UP FOLKS. IT IS TIME TO MAKE A CHOICE – don’t put it off until tomorrow. You cannot as the scripture in the bible says “serve God and Mammon”. It has to be one or the other. As for me and my family – we choose CHRIST!

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