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Emergency Preparedness | Chattanooga Times Free PressWith so much going on in the world today. Even tips on health are changing. They seem to be geared to what the future holds – taking our minds off of the present. The topic of the future is SURVIVAL! How will we survive? What will we need to survive? The first thing that comes to mind is FOOD. No one will be able to survive without food. We have already experienced survival in the pandemic. With stores not open and the need for basic items that we use everyday, everyone did panic. Remember the ‘toilet paper’ scare. I bet you all have already stored up enough toilet paper to last you for at least a year. So what do you need. Yes, toilet paper and personal items – then add to that FOOD.

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Since FOOD spoils the trend is toward ‘Survival Kits’ – survival food kits are delicious and can last as long as 25 years. Consider FOOD to be part of the WELLNESS  SURVIVAL: you can never be too prepared. Protect your health and security. Take steps now before the real crisis starts and your freedom and safety are gone. Preparedness stands the test of time.

There are many companies out there that will guide you through what you need for your personal/family survival stockpile. They can even guide you on how to grow your own garden – grow your self-reliance in your own backyard.

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For Safety – you will need a well-stocked first-aid kit. Keep it within easy reach. How about a an ultimate Water filtration system. Yes, you can buy that too. Then you will need something to store your precious water in – to keep it safe, clean and pure.

Also on the list – because of all the tech gadgets that people own today, you will definitely need SOLAR POWER. And yes folks, it can come in big generators as well as pocket-sized power plants. Next, how about LIGHT? You will need flashlights, lanterns, rechargeable battery kits or solar gadgets that will not only power the small things like cell phones, but can be used to purify water, prepare food and much more – to include, yes, rechargeable portable blenders.

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Don’t forget your health sustaining items – SUPPLEMENTS.  Supplements for vitamin control, protein, heart, brain, bladder health, memory, energy, endurance, strength and stamina and weight management control; sinus woes, sleeping woes, and total immune support for the troubling times ahead.

Also on the list. What about air? You certainly want to be breathing fresher and clean air each day. Air purifiers come in many shapes and sizes. There are even, germ killing protection devices that fit in your pocket that have been shown to be effective in killing harmful bacteria and viruses.

And last but not least – yes there are even supplements for your pets.

So get started today folks. Companies that I am familiar with are 4Patriots, Brighteon, Mountain House, and yes even Sam’s Club and Cosco. Start with these, research others, compare to find who can provide what you need that is within your budget. Although, you are probably saying ‘I should have done this a long time ago, there is nothing wrong with starting NOW.

Build A Kit |

None of us knows where we will be, or how we will be tomorrow. There is no time like the present to start on your journey of being  READY AND BEING PREPARED.


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