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through the use of Herbs. This segment will concentrate on the skin.

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  • Indian Gooseberry: I always have loved gooseberries. There was a unique restaurant/bakery in the town I lived in as a child. One of their specialties was ‘gooseberry pie’. So, what is a gooseberry? Indian Gooseberry (phyllanthus emblica) is a medicinal plant used  to restore lost vitality and vigor. Maybe, that is why I was always happy when I ate ‘gooseberry pie’. Gooseberries are a rich source of vitamin C, amino acids, minerals and phenolic compounds – making it beneficial for the skin…stimulating pro-collagen while protecting the skin from sun damage, preventing dark spots and wrinkles, and shrinking and unclogging pores. Wonder what they taste like uncooked?

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  • You have heard of Maple Syrup, but what to you know about Maple Leaf Extract? Native Americans have “long treasured maple leaves for their healing properties. Researchers are saying that ‘maple leaf extract’ “may be one of the closest things we have on earth to a real fountain of youth.” Maple leaves being packed with phenolic compounds can boost elastin. The breakdown of elastin is the key reason the skin increasingly looks wrinkled, saggy and – you know the saying – “old.” The glucitol-core-containing gallotanins in maple leaves have been found to inhibit this breakdown of elastin in the skin. As well, they may also fight skin inflammation and lighten age spots. It is used topically – not internally by mouth or through injection.

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  • German Chamomile Extract – is it the tea? It is in the tea, and both have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. However, chamomile can be applied to the skin – usually in a cream form, where it penetrates below your skin’s surface to the deeper layers and has a soothing anti-inflammatory effect that helps to calm dry or irritated skin areas. It also promotes the appearance of tighter and healthier ‘plum-looking’ skin.

Aloe vera: 8 health benefits

  • Last, but not least in this segment – ALOE VERA  (Aloe Barbadensis). I grow aloe vera plants in my yard. I love using the aloe vera  gel on the inside of this plant. It is vitamin and enzyme rich. In addition to using it for its healing qualities – cuts, burns, and skin wounds, I discovered, that used topically on the skin, it also helps exfoliate the skin, and has powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. As well, over a period of time, its topical use significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and boosts the elasticity in human skin.

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Scientific research shows that ‘aloe vera gel’ consumed in juice form can also be beneficial because it may increase collagen production. You can buy Aloe Vera Juice in health food stores and even drug stores and pharmacies. I buy it by the gallon. It can be consumed as a straight juice – about 1/2 cup per day. I like to add it to my purified water – adding about 1/4 of cup to 8 oz. of water or by adding 1 cup to a 2 gallon size container which I store it in the refrigerator. I have found a significant difference in my skin. By consuming aloe vera internally, it slowly eliminates the amount of fungus within the body. Fungus inside the body shows itself outside the body in the form of moles, warts, dark spots, etc. I have found dark spots to diminish in size and color; have found moles to mysteriously disappear, and warts to also go away. This will be a continued use for me. I like the results. NOTE: Aloe vera gel can also have a laxative effect when taken internally, so start with a very small amount to avoid any big… surprises. Experiment to find out what use, and how to use it,  is best for you.

Want to have a fun and interesting day? RESEARCH for yourself. The research on Aloe Vera is awesome. This, to me, is a miracle plant. See for yourself.

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