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Fast Food Chains' Sales Struggle In Wake Of Healthy Eating ...

It’s time for more Health Tips.

  • The good thing about the pandemic is that it has encouraged more people to get back on the health wagon. Many people, however,are still buying from the Fast Food Chains. Because more people, over the years are wanting to have better meals on the go, the Fast Food Chains are trying to make their quickymeals more healthy. Some chains are offering veggie burgers as well as hamburgers, fish and chicken burgers. You also have a better choice of side dishes, salads, and drinks. They are grilling more than frying, except for french fries.
  • Did you know that Aloe Vera gel oxygenates the blood? It is antibacterial, as it kills germs. That’s why I add the gel to my purified water. You can buy the gel in drink form at grocery stores and health food stores.
  • With big TeK inundating the market – here is what the future holds, that is, if you haven’t already heard of some of these things. We know about the artificial knees, and now they are doing ankles. I have a friend who had an ankle replacement. She had to do a lot of research to find someone who was willing to do it, as it is new. She has had no problems with it and is thrilled that she can now walk with no trouble. TEIJIN NAKASHIMA MEDICAL CO., LTD. | Ankle joint prostheses
  • This next one is probably not that new, especially when you see them do this on TV shows and in movies. It is Hearing Aids that can communicate with television or cell phones.
  • Next is a device attached to the head that could detect the development of epileptic seizures, and then stop those seizures by the delivery of short bursts of electric pulses.
  • This one is a WOW! It is a Capsule that can be swallowed to make video recordings of the gastrointestinal tract and wirelessly transmit those videos during an 8-hour transit through the body. Stomach ulcers and colon polyps are a couple of the things that can be observed. 
  • Vitamin K is a vitamin that most people don’t pay any attention to, but is good for the arteries. You’ve heard the phrase “hardening of the arteries”, but what is it? With age, soft tissues such as arteries stiffen and lose youthful flexibility. The loss of arterial elasticity obstructs the flow of blood through the arteries which is referred to as ‘hardening’. This hardening is an important predictor of heart attack and stroke. It affects the aortic valve which when involved with heart disease is often referred to as an aortic aneurysm. Other issues this arterial stiffness is associated with includes: elevated blood pressure, inflammation, glycations, hypertension and poor glucose control. Less understood is the calcification connected to arterial stiffening. It has been found that vitamin K in high doses can block calcium infiltration into the soft tissues. After a lot of scientific study it is now believed that vitamin K2 has demonstrated significant reductions of arterial stiffening in humans. Therefore it is suggested that people of all ages should optimize their intake of vitamin K as it helps keep calcium in your bones and out of the blood vessels. Keeping the calcium in the bones helps to alleviate osteoporosis. (Source – Life Extension)
  • Zinc has been used for the recovery from colds for a long time. Using it to fight COVID makes a lot of sense to me. Also recommended to fight COVID is Vitamin C. In high doses vitamin C reduces atrial fibrillation, and helps repair lung issues both of which are noted as a COVID thing. So there you have it folks. What do you need to take to combat COVID? Zinc, Vitamin C, and plenty of sunshine and fresh air. When sunshine and fresh air are not available, add a Vitamin D3 supplement to the mix. I add Vitamin D3 even with the sunshine and fresh air – which none of us get enough of. 
  • Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries. I have a blueberry bush in a planter,  which is loaded with blossoms. I am treating that bush like a baby. Blueberries, in case you are not aware – enhance brain blood flow, which increases brain activity, and improves the blood flow to the grey-matter brain regions. This means improved  working memory or enhanced cognition. They also fight oxidative stress, and enhance spatial memory. Love it, love it. Hope the blossoms on my blueberry bush end up looking like this picture. Three cheers for blueberries. Winter blooms to break up any landscape | Liveston Moves

That’s it for today. Will be back on another day. In the meantime. 


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