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As much as I disapprove of the addictive habits people form, I still feel the need to help them. People are becoming addicted to things they would never have become addicted to were it not for the pandemic to include alcoholism, depression, thoughts of suicide and etc.  My list of tips include help for some of these abnormalities.

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ALCOHOLISM: The body needs a lot of Vitamin C. The dosage suggested is at least 3000 mg. per day.

DEPRESSION: The body also needs Vitamin C – at least 3000 mg. per day plus Niacin. Niacin is part of the B family. It is readily absorbed, but may cause a flush felt all over the body. If it makes you feel woozy or dizzy you might not want to take it.

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SUGAR: Did you know that sugar is the root cause of most health issues. It acts as a ‘pick me up’, but then makes you depressed after the first 1/2 hour. Sugar is not your friend. If you are addicted to sugar your body needs a B Complex, and Chromium. Cancer cells love sugar.

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ALLERGIES: Did you know that the artificial food color and preservatives in most of the processed foods, can cause allergies? Need to eliminate dairy products, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.


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VITAMIN C: It is common knowledge that Vitamin C was originally used to curtail scurvy. Vitamin C is becoming touted as a very important vitamin for more health issues than people realize. Vitamin C is antiviral, and has antibiotic qualities as well.  A large dose is considered to be 1,000 to 3,000 mg. per day. I have heard of some folks who take up to 5,000 mg. per day and say it works better. Time released dosage doesn’t work as well as taking dosage on a regular schedule e.g. 1 or 2 tablets every hour or every 3 hours etc. One thing to be considered is that the human body, nor the primate body does not produce Vitamin C, the body stores what the body needs and then excretes what is not needed. “The amount needed is the amount you find, for you, keeps you well.” Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so you need to experiment to find out what works for  you. It is not a dangerous vitamin.

More Vitamin C is needed when you are sick, have had surgery, or are waiting to have surgery. The dosage recommended for that is 100,000 or more mg. per day. Science says it will not hurt you, as it is water soluble and as I mentioned above, the body gets rid of what is not needed – hence the orange urine. On this large of a dosage, start low about 4,000 mg. per day and then increase as you feel needed.

In 1935, Vitamin C was found to reverse/prevent polio. (Jungblut)

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Other things I did not know about Vitamin C is that Vitamin C Powder can be used on sores to help them heal, used as a mouthwash rinse to heal canker sores, etc. It is also noted that Children Chewables are not that good. Better to put powder into water and have them drink it. Vitamin C can also reduce incidences of kidney stones – it dissolves them. Vitamin C powder is a very simple molecule – smaller than sugar. Most doctors know very little about Vitamin C.

Vitamin C – 4,000 mg taken every 1/2 hour can be an effective agent against cancer. Because cancer cells love sugar, Vitamin C brings tumor shrinkage. It does not interfere with Chemo or radiation.  Vitamin C heals and builds collagen, reduces inflammation and is good therapy for any conventional form of cancer treatment. Vitamin C can be taken intravenously and/or oral. Science says that Chemo is effective less than 3% of the time. Another good treatment for cancer is to detox the liver. (reference: Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. – book ‘A Cancer Therapy’)

“Take enough, take often what you need, take long enough. Take enough C to be symptom free, whatever that might be.” (Andrew Saul)

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BABY FOOD: My last tip for today. A congressional investigation has found that there are Heavy Metals in Baby Food – “dangerous levels” of toxic heavy metals. It has been found that several major baby food brand companies were investigated and that “these manufacturers knowingly sell baby food containing high levels of toxic heavy metals. Some of the companies found guilty include brands that have been favorites for many, many years. They include Gerber (owned by Nestle), Plum Organics (owned by Campbell Soup), Beech-Nut, Sprout Organic, Earth’s Best Organic, Happy Baby, and Parent’s Choice (Walmart’s private label brand). The heavy metal contaminants found – which are most dangerous include: arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium. The unfortunate thing is that these companies are uncooperative in the investigation and categorically deny any wrongdoing.

This is definitely a major issue, seemingly swept under the rug. Not heard about on any news, never addressed.  Check the facts out for yourself – sources University of California, food science at the Cornell University, the epidemiology program at the University of Michigan.

Bottom line – The exposure to toxic heavy metals by children causes “permanent decreases in IQ, increased risk of future criminal and antisocial behavior”. Because babies have developing organ systems, they absorb more of the heavy metals than adults. Exposure to these metals in the developmental stage can lead to untreatable and frequently permanent brain damage, which may result in reduced intelligence, or disruptive behavior.

This was a WOW for me. The natural healing approach to medicine has been warning people of metal toxicity for years. We’ve been told to avoid aluminum, lead, mercury, etc., yet here they are in places you would never have imagined.

So….what time is it? It is time to ‘detox’ rid your system of dangerous metals so that it can fight against, cancer, neurological issues, etc, as stated above. Who would have thought that the killing of babies is not just by abortion, but in the foods that are meant to grow babies into healthy young children, and as well the foods that grow teenagers into adults.




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