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How to Use Transition Words in Academic Writings ...are words,that when used, always end with a question mark (?).  These words are Who?, What?, Why?, When?, Where?, and How? They can be put in any order that you want to put them. They may be asked as needed pertaining to any issue They are all common sense words, and as questions, need common sense answers. 

My last blog was on ‘COPD’. I received a comment from someone who had COPD and also had had COVID, asking ‘WHY’ I did not make mention of ‘HOW’ COPD might be associated with COVID. Then someone else asked me if in my research I had found anything I could tell them to take or do that would help cure either or both diseases. 

With all the censoring that is going on, I have been cautioned by the powers that be, what I can and cannot say about any health issue. Many doctors and other professional people in the health field have already been banned from social media, You Tube, and other internet sources for speaking out and speaking the truth. So, it is with caution that I will proceed to answer the above questions. 

I have found that many research sources, especially Google and Wikipedia have made changes to the explanation of what, how, or why something may or may not be, to fit into their agenda of what they want us, the general public, to know. We are to remain questionless. I found no scientific sources that mentioned any way to cure either of the above mentioned illnesses. It was only mentioned that they are both killer diseases which could be managed (didn’t say how to manage them), or you could be made comfortable having, but you should be prepared to meet your maker sooner or later. 

I will be stepping over my bounds if I mention that the best way to start any healing process – which in both cases includes the already compromised ‘immune system’ – is to Detox first. Detoxing helps to rid the body of the toxins we have been abusing our bodies with for years. These toxins render our bodies very acidic. This can be remedied by using sources (supplements (vitamins) and/or herbal), and eating foods that will lower the acidity in your body so eventually your body can become alkaline based. The ratio should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. The body controls its own acidity without our eating things that ups the acid percentage.

Once you have this under control – you must maintain. As with any disease, and I don’t even have to mention names, a change of diet to healthier eating and drinking habits is the only way to go. It is a long and tedious process for many, depending on whether you have a mild, acute, or chronic condition of any disease you are battling, be it the heart, the lungs, the bones, the gut, etc. The body can regenerate in some instances, but in most in most cases only repair. The body part that has been compromised will never return to being in perfect condition.

You can add years to your life if this regeneration or repair is done by NATURAL MEANS. Chemical methods, via prescription medications, used by conventional doctors, the CDC, WHO, and big Pharma may add a few years, but in the process of supposedly healing one part or organ of the body, prescribed chemicals/ medications break down or destroy other parts of the body. Hence the need for continued chemical control. It could be said at this point, that you will have become addicted to drugs. I am not allowed to mention the ‘pin prick’ that has been used in the past and pushed between then and now, that has been attested to by many humans to have done more harm than good in handling health issues. When you feel that is the only way to go, consider yourself addicted to that method of drug use as well.

Draw your own conclusions folks. You must already be aware that big Pharma, and as of late everything, is all about control, power over the innocent God loving, and God fearing humans; and the billions of dollars that are ending up in the pockets of the powers that be. 

As always, this blog is for informational purposes only. You are, at least for a little while longer, free to choose for yourself the path you wish to take to stay healthy. 

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