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“A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought – they must be earned.”
– Naval Ravikant

Apparently the mainstream news wants the COVID thing to be with us forever, since every time you open your computer that is just about all the headlines are about. I pay little attention to anything that is said, but I did run across a report authored by Natural Health 365 that I thought should be shared. I am paraphrasing and quoting some of what I think is vital information.

In “a recent study straight out of Ground Zero – the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China – has revealed that getting the COVID shot has a “consistent” effect on someone’s immune health.

What is the effect?  “It makes a person’s immune system more vulnerable.” (The study in question was published in October 2021 in Cell Discovery and conducted by Chinese researchers from WIV.)

“While the WIV study is small and includes only 11 participants, it did generate some alarming conclusions regarding COVID shot safety.  By assessing kidney function, blood work, and other metrics in the participants, the researchers determined that the shots clearly “mimicked an infection” with SARS-CoV-2 and led to “consistent alterations in gene expression of many different immune cell types.”

Natural Health’s research in their words: “Our study postulates that it is imperative to consider the potential long-term impact of vaccination to certain medical conditions or to general human health.”

It went on to suggest, “that after vaccination, at least by day 28, other than generation of neutralizing antibodies, people’s immune systems, including those of lymphocytes and monocytes, were perhaps in a more vulnerable state.”

This brought up an important question:

“If a growing amount of evidence suggests that COVID shots could plausibly cause long-term harm to immune health, particularly in people with chronic health conditions, isn’t it unethical to coerce American citizens into taking them since the majority of these citizens live with at least one chronic health issue?

That question is always on my mind when it comes to consulting with my clients. Because of this, the body of each of us reacts differently to any kind of injection of a foreign substance into the body – be it a vaccine, a prescription drug or just an ordinary over-the-counter medication. In my experience all of the vaccines, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs have contra indications or side effects. No citizen should be coerced into taking or using any of them. Doctors are aware and I find it appalling that there are many who force these healing methods onto their patients when they know they can be detrimental.

This is for informational and educational purposes only. The public needs to be aware of both sides of any health issue.

The following is a short video I also came across with a doctor explaining the seriousness of what has been going on and the after effects.

It is up to everyone to do their own research and make up their own minds as to what they want to do to get healthy and stay healthy. The following are more updated tips about things citizens of all countries may not be aware of.

  • MELATONIN: is a hormone synthesized in your pineal gland and several other organs, indeed in most cells, including human lung monocytes and macrophages, as it is actually synthesized in your mitochondria.

All though Melatonin is mainly known as a natural sleep inducer it has been discovered to have other important functions as well.

It has anticonvulsant and antiexotoxic properties, and is a potent antioxidant with the rare ability to enter your mitochondria, where it helps prevent mitochondrial impairment, energy failure, and the death of mitochondria damaged by oxidation. It also:

  • Boosts immune function
  • Helps recharge glutathione (and glutathione deficiency has been linked to COVID-19 severity)
  • May improve the treatment of certain bacterial diseases, including tuberculosis
  • Helps regulate gene expression via a series of enzymes

Over the past two years, scientific papers have shown that melatonin has emerged as a surprise weapon against COVID-19. It’s been shown to play a role in viral, bacterial, and fungal infections and as early as June 2020, researchers suggested it might be an important adjunct to COVID-19 treatment. It is also suggested that – melatonin attenuates several pathological features of COVID-19, to include the following:

  • Excessive oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Exaggerated immune response resulting in a cytokine storm
  • Acute lung injury
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome

In October 2020, a scientific review, “Melatonin Potentials Against Viral Infections Including COVID-19: Current Evidence and New Findings,” summarized the mechanisms by which melatonin can protect against and ameliorate viral infections such as respiratory syncytial virus, viral hepatitis, viral myocarditis, Ebola, West Nile virus and dengue virus.

It was said that “patients who used melatonin as a supplement had, on average, a 28 percent lower risk of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2. Blacks who used melatonin were 52 percent less likely to test positive for the virus.”

The doses suggested when used against COVID are significantly higher than what you’d normally take to improve your sleep, but it was said that there does not appear to be any danger to these doses. As well, research has found no adverse effects for dosages ranging from 20 mg up to 100 mg. However, it is recommended that you start low, at 1 mg or less. Also, be sure to take melatonin at night, before bed. Rising melatonin levels are the reason you feel sleepy in the evening.  It is ill-advised to take it in the morning or during the day, when your natural level is (and should be) low.

Again, all of the above information is for educational purposes only. It is your choice when it comes to the healing of your body.

I suggest you contemplate the seriousness of all information received from any written or video reviews.

                 MAKE YOUR CHOICE A WISE ONE!             God Bless Everyone Quotes. QuotesGram


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