“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

6 Things People With A Healthy Gut Do Differently

The ‘tips’ blog is to keep you updated on the latest health news, and benefits, etc. The information is researched from many sources. Some tips will be old information updated, or the newest and latest.

When it comes to methods to fight health issues, sometimes the old methods are better than the latest methods. Being one who believes God heals, I lean toward natural health. However, I like to share both sides of an issue, so you can decide for yourself what is best for your situation.


  • The IMMUNE SYSTEM is finally being recognized as an important function of a persons health and well being thanks to the manmade viruses being introduced into our lives. According to the ‘Epoch Times’ “many of the symptoms we attribute to an infection are really due to the protective responses of the immune system. A runny nose during a cold is not a direct effect of the virus, but a result of the immune system’s response to the cold virus.” This is also true when it comes to feeling sick. As miserable as a person may feel, it is always suggested that you rest, allowing the immune response to do its thing.  A fever, though thought of as ‘bad’ is in reality ‘good’, as it “makes the body less hospitable to viruses and increases the efficiency of the immune system.” COVID-19 will continue to impact health and well-being long after the pandemic is over – as do all flu viruses.
  • DETOX: Because of the adverse and toxic effects of the ‘J’ for COVID, it is imperative that you detox immediately. Start with a Lemon Water Fast – for at least 2 days. Eat fruit, and take herbal supplements. The fruit acts as an astringent and hydrates quickly. The herbs work to increase your neurological functions, as the toxicity of the “V” attacks the brain, the heart, and then works on breaking down the immune system. It was designed for this purpose. The key factor is getting the kidneys to filter and the lymph system moving to flush out the poison of the spike protein and the ‘graphene oxide.’  This is vital. According to Dr. Robert Morse N.D. “as we are living in a wild wilderness of acidosis and lymphatic stagnation,  none of the vaccines are safe.” JUST IN – The latest from ‘Epoch Times – Health division is an article which tells how to detox after the vaccine. IT IS A MUST READ. I could not do it justice in a separate blog. Click on the following  link:

Read it and SHARE. This information is what the mass population needs to know. It is all about renewing, preserving and maintaining a healthy immune system.


  • SPROUTING: Grow your own medicine by SPROUTING. According to Natural News – sprouts have been documented to activate nervous system stem cells, by way of the Sulforaphane molecule, to regrow nerve tissue and repair damaged nerves and brains. You can eat sprouts, use them in salads, blend them into smoothies, drop them into soups or whatever you want to do. To get started – You Tube has many videos.
  • HONEY is appreciated the world over as one of Nature’s most delicious foods, but did you know it may have potent anti-flu activity as well? It is known to suppress coughs and sore throats. I mix it in an 8 – 12 oz. bottle, using 4 oz. honey, 4 oz. Organic Apple cider vinegar, and 1 minced garlic clove. It can be taken 1 tablespoon at a time as often as needed when you get a cough or feel a cold coming on. Or, you can put 1 Tbsp into an 8 oz. glass of water and sip it throughout the day.
  • GRAPES – did you know grapes are high in several important nutrients. Just 1 cup (151 grams) of red or green grapes provides: Calories: 104, Carbs: 27 grams, Protein: 1 gram, Fat: 0.2 grams, Fiber: 1.4 grams, Copper: 21% of the daily value (DV), Vitamin K: 18% of the DV, Thiamine (vitamin B1): 9% of the DV, Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 8% of the DV, Vitamin B6: 8% of the DV, Potassium: 6% of the DV, Vitamin C: 5% of the DV, Manganese: 5% of the DV, and Vitamin E: 2% of the DV. Copper is an essential mineral involved in energy production, while vitamin K is vital for blood clotting and healthy bones. I prefer black grapes as they are, in my opinion, more nutrient.

4 things for better health. - YouTube

There will be more TIPS coming in the future – but for now I feel I have shared enough to keep you busy and hopefully encourage you to do your own research.



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