Brain Fog

“Oh, I just had brain fog.” 

What is brain fog? What does that mean? I looked it up in my medical dictionary and found all kinds of references to the brain, but found nothing on Brain Fog. So I began to speculate. What is Fog? In my handy dandy dictionary I found all kinds of definitions for ‘fog.’ Now it was a matter of which words best describe what COULD BE considered ‘Brain Fog.’  The following are terms that I found:

  • murky condition or a substance causing it
  • something that confuses or obscures
  • cloudiness
  • suffuse
  • 0bscure
  • confusing
  • blurred
  • indistinct

Well this was a start. How is fog connected to the brain. What is the brain? The Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary states the brain is “a large soft mass of nerve tissue contained within the cranium. Cranial portion of the central nervous system.” The Illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia  states – “In the brain reside the centers for the special functions of the body such as seeing, hearing, and smelling, also the center for putting into action these tissues of the body that are under voluntary control.”

I could go on forever talking about the brain and its function, but all I want to discuss presently is ‘WHAT IS BRAIN FOG?’

I dug into google and found very little in the medical field that pertained to ‘brain fog’ other than the following explanation from Dr. Pooj M and several others who all made similar statements – short and sweet.

“Brain fog is a condition characterized by confusion, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and mental balance. The causes of brain fog are sleep issues, stress, overworking, increased screen time, and hormone imbalance. The treatment for brain fog includes decreased screen time, stress management, change in diet, getting proper sleep, avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, and excessive coffee intake.”

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It makes sense to me. How many of you have experienced ‘brain fog’ from the conditions mentioned above?  Apparently there is no specific antidote for brain fog other than what would be used for all of the above stated conditions. If you want to know more – hit the books and do your own research, research, research.




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