The Human Body


<b>Free Human Body Clipart</b>, Download <b>Free Human Body Clipart</b> png ...The HUMAN BODY! The BASICS! You will learn about what you already know and what you DON’T know.

You will be taken on a journey of the body and health, one of the body’s greatest assets. Everyone has his own journey…his/her own story.

The body is a complex machine, but I will try to keep it simple, and to the point so each of you will have a better understanding of you.

Over the years because of the diet and the way present day folks take or don’t take care of themselves as humans or homo sapiens everyone has health issues.

Before we begin, it is important to know the scientific fact that most chemicals – many of which are taken into the body orally or absorbed through the skin weakens and destroys cells, cause high acidosis and in some cases  destroys the cells completely.

Do you know your species? What species do humans belong to? Are we animals, mammals, or whatever? Let’s find out.

There is a difference between the animal, mammal, and human species anatomically and physically. They are classified as Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores and Frugivores. Let’s find out which you are by the differences!

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Includes all members of the  cat family: cheetahs, lions, etc. Their diet is mainly meats, some vegetables, grasses and herbs. Their digestive system includes the tongue, salivary glands – none, small simple structured with small round sacks and they have strong gastric juices. Their intestinal system is small, smooth and short. Their liver is 50% larger than that of a human. It is very complex with five distinct chambers. They have heavy bile flow for the heavy gastric juices. Their eliminative system includes a colon and a GI tract. Their extremities include: 2 hands/feet front and 2 back. They walk on all fours. Their integumentary system is: skin covered with hair, sweat glands in foot pads only and a tongue. Their skeletal system includes teeth for ripping and tearing  their food; jaws which are unidirectional, and a tail. Their Urinary System is Kidneys to excrete acids. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?

Farm Animal Outline Icon Set. Stock <b>Clipart</b> | Royalty-<b>Free</b> ...

OMNIVORES -Birds to include chickens, turkeys, etc. hogs and dogs. Their diet: some meat, vegetables, fruits, roots, and some barks. Digestive system: Tongue; Salivary glands – underactive; Stomach – moderate gastric acids (HCL and pepsin); Intestines – small, somewhat sacculated so they can eat vegetables; and a liver which is complex and larger proportionally than that of a human. Eliminative system: Colon, shorter than a humans, with minimal absorption, and a GI tract ten times the length of the spine. Extremities (limbs): Hands – hoofs, claws, and paws; Feet (hoofs, claws, and paws; Walk on all four extremities, except for birds which have 2 legs only. Integumentary system: skin – smooth, oily, hair or feathers. Sweat glands, minimal around snout (hogs) and foot pads (dogs) and none on birds. Skeletal system: Teeth – tusk-like canine teeth or beaks; jaws, multidirectional, and tails. Urinary System: kidneys – (urine) acid. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?

Baby Animal <b>Clipart Giraffe</b> - <b>Giraffe</b> With Baby <b>Clip Art</b> ...

Includes Horses, cows, sheep, elephants, deer, giraffes. Diet: vegetables, herbs and some roots and barks. Digestive system: tongue moderately rough; Salivary glands (alkaline digestion starts here); stomach – oblong, ringed, and the most complex (as a rule, has four or more pouches or stomachs); weak stomach acids; Small intestines – long and sacculated for extensive absorption. Liver – similar to human but slightly larger in capacity. Eliminative system; colon – long and sacculated (ringed) for extensive absorption. A GI tract which is 30 times the length of the spine.
Extremities: Hands (upper) – hoofs; feet (lower) – hoofs; walk on all four extremities. Integumentary system: Skin – pores with extensive hair covering on entire body; Sweat glands – includes millions of perspiration ducts. Skeletal system: Teeth – 24 molars, five on each side of each jaw and eight incisors (cutting teeth) in the front part of the jaws; Jaws – multi-directional, up and down, side-to-side, forward and backward creating a grinding effect. And a tail. Urinary system: Kidneys – urine alkaline. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?

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FRUGIVORES –Includes: Humans and primates (apes, chimpanzees, monkeys).Diet:  fruits, nuts, seeds, sweet vegetables and herbs. (Notice: no meat).Digestive system: Tongue  – smooth, used mainly as a shovel; Salivary glands – alkaline digestive energies start here. Stomach – oblong with two compartments; Small intestines – sacculated for extensive absorption; Liver is simple and average size, not large and complex, like carnivores. Eliminative system: Colon – sacculated for extensive absorption; GI Tract – 12 times the length of the spine. Extremities: Hands (upper) – fingers for picking, peeling and tearing; feet (lower) with toes. Walks upright on two extremities. Integumentary system: Skin with pores, with minimal hair; sweat glands which includes millions of perspiration ducts. Skeletal system: teeth – 32 teeth: four incisors (cutting),2  (pointed), four small molars (bicuspids), and six molars (no long canine or tusk-type teeth); Jaws with multi-motional, dimensional, up-and-down, backward and forward, side-to-side, etc. Tail – some; Urinary system: Kidneys with urine which is alkaline. THIS IS YOU! (credit to The Detox Miracle Source Book – Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.)

This is a lot to digest. A new world of eating entirely for humans. As a Detox Specialist, now you know why in my blogs and dietary plan, I suggest you eat mostly fruits. But because it is difficult for most of you to make such a drastic change in your diet, I do not frown on the eating of a few vegetables.  Vegetables labeled as herbs are great. Did you know that bananas are herbs? That what is called a ‘banana tree’ is really a Banana Plant. You will also notice I do not recommend the eating of meat, and when and if I do it is mainly fish, white meat – turkey is best, and no red meats (beef, pork, etc.)

In each segment of this blog series – you will learn about understanding how the body works.

To close – “The ancient Greeks, before the time of Lycurgus, ate nothing but fruit,” (Plutarch) and “each generation reached the age of 200 years.”
—Onomacritus of Athens

May God Bless the World and GOD BLESS YOU!





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