BIOLOGICALLY, as humans we need to be eating foods suited for our species. Do you know you are a homosapien? The following is a list of animal which are all physiologically and anatomically different.  As you read through them decide which of the animals you as a homosapien resemble.

*   CARNIVORES:  Cats, cheetahs, lions, etc.
*   OMNIVORES:  Birds – to include chickens, turkeys, etc.
*   HERBIVORES:  Horses, cows, sheep, elephants, deer, giraffes
*   FRUGIVORES:  Primates – apes, chimpanzees, monkeys

All animals to include humans, eat, have a digestive system, eliminative system, extremities, integumentary system, skeletal system, and urinary system. However, because they are anatomically and physiologically different, their systems handle the food they eat differently. I could go into a long dissertation of the differences, but you would get bored. Soooooo, have you decided which species you belong to?  If you decided Primates, hip, hip, hooray. They are Frugivores as are all humans whether you like it or not.

Primagallery-thumbnails1tes, the apes, chimpanzees, and monkeys know what to eat. Why is it that the human species is the only species confused about what to eat?

I’ve seen it for myself, and often tell my clients that when a table is set with a variety of foods and you put a child in front of it: the child invariably goes to the fruit first, then the veggies. My great-grandchildren always want the bananas, the grapes, the strawberries, and the apples etc. before any other foods. When their moms fill their plates with other foods, they invariably eat the fruits first, nibble at the other foods and (I’ve seen them) throw the rest in the garbage. It is generally mom, dad and other grownup ups that steer the children to the comfort foods, the cheesy foods, junk foods, desserts and candies.

The ancient Greeks and Romans ate a lot of fruit and lived to be 200 years old or older.  It never dawned on me at the time, but when I took Latin in school, the fruits and veggies the Greeks and Romans ate were rarely ever cooked. They were eaten raw.

God intended for us to eat food for life, not death. God said to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, (Genesis 1:29) “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” In other words, God ordained for man to eat the herbs and fruit in the seasons thereof.

Basically all mankind no matter your ethnicity are all biologically the same. I encourage you to continue with me on my journey to total vital health – to include the mind, body and soul.

Until next time, thanks for following my blog.



simply put – is clearing the human body of years of TOXIN build up.

Detoxification addresses the cause of disease (dis-ease). It alkalizes, cleans, and regenerates the body.

Today it is a subject discussed on Talk shows, read about in magazines and newspapers; as well it is pushed onto the public in TV ads which encourage you to buy products that are suppose to cure your problem within just a few days or weeks.

Speaking for Jimmy Microbe, he would tell you – get ready folks – you are in for a big lifestyle change.

Today DISEASE is described as weakness in the glandular systems of the body, to include: Adrenal, Lymph, Endocrine, Kidneys and Liver. Scientific facts have proven that most chemicals weaken and destroy body cells. Radiation, for example, as used in cancer treatment, burns and destroys cell tissues. Detoxification, does the opposite, it assists your body in healing itself!

Your goal, like my goal, hopefully is geared toward VIBRANT HEALTH! Lets make it FUN, Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.




I started my journey into being well by using supplements in the 1960’s. At that time most supplements were produced using artificial substances. One day while getting a yearly check up, my heart went crazy. The doctor went into panic mode and sent me immediately to the hospital where a heart specialist put me through a myriad of tests. The prognosis? Nothing was wrong with my heart. The doctor then asked me, “What in the world have you been doing or taking? Are you on drugs?  I responded by telling him I was only taking Vitamin Supplements, to which he angrily responded, “which ones?”  I  blurted out the list. When I came to Vitamin A, he said “VITAMIN A”, how many milligrams a day are you taking? I told him, “25,000, that is what the bottle said was in each little pill”. He flipped out and said, “Lady, are you trying to kill yourself?”  To make a long story short, the doctor told me I had overdosed on Vitamin A, and if I kept taking that much Vitamin A it would destroy  my liver. He ordered me to stop taking it immediately. I complied.

Vitamin A, at least what I was taking back in the 1960’s, was not made from natural ingredients. Eventually, I went back to taking it in Beta- Carotene form which had just come on the market. This was supposed be natural; the latest craze, good for everybody, etc.

So, how did being natural, make Beta-Carotene better or different I queried, since it was still Vitamin A.  The information that came out regarding Beta-Carotene informed folks that it could be taken safely, and in larger quantities (which no one should do), because it is stored in your body and when your body says it needs Vitamin A, it naturally turns the Beta-Carotene into the amount of Vitamin A your body needs.

I was now on the road to research. NATURAL!  What was it, how did it work, why were natural supplements better than chemically produced supplements? I was insatiably curious. I needed to find out everything I could about natural supplements and how one’s body responds to Natural versus Chemically produced supplements.

To shorten another long story, it took many years of research and trying everything out on myself, before I by chance, became acquainted with Robert Morse N.D.  His knowledge and willingness to share, changed my life forever. I attended his course at the International School of Detoxification in Florida, and became certified as a Detoxification Specialist.



Broken down is dis-ease.  One’s instinct when they experience any kind of dis-ease is to call the Doctor, go the the Emergency Room, and/or get help to ease the problem anyway they can.

Generally speaking, we do have treatment choices, basically speaking – two: allopathic and traditional.

Allopathic is treating with pharmaceutical medicines.
Traditional is Natural Medicinal treatment using   products made from natural sources.

CHEMICAL medicines are used to treat everything from a simple headache or toe ache to degenerative conditions to include heart disease and cancer. Chemical medicines treat the symptoms and rarely the cause.

TRADITIONAL/NATURAL medicines, in a simple sense, treat the cause by way of natural products made from animal, plant, mineral substances, or herbs, which are found in nature.

Treating symptoms never cures the cause of the disease/problem. True naturopathic treatment serves the purpose by way of Detoxification.

Read on in a future blog – Detoxification (what is it?)

The Show Must Go On!

One year for Christmas, my parents gave me and my sister a book called HITCHHIKING WITH JIMMY MICROBE (1939) By Virginia Budd Jackson. It was the story of a Microbe and his contention with the accumulation of bacteria and germs that invade a human’s body, and personal hygiene.

The accumulation of bacteria
The accumulation of bacteria

Of course, from that moment on Dad wanted us to become doctors. Why…because he wanted to be a doctor. However, due to circumstances involving his family he ended up becoming a Dentist.

Isn’t it funny the things that influence one’s life. Retroactively, I am living my Dad’s dream. The difference is that I am going down the Natural Healing Highway instead of the Allopathic (pharmaceutical) Highway.


As Thomas Edison put it so wisely: “No one can overcome a health problem using the same mind-set that created the problem.”


Forging Onward!

The subject of Health can be sophisticated, ambiguous, and chaotic.  In a nutshell….we are born, we live, we die, each in our own way and according to God’s plan.

I’ve been told I had pneumonia right after I was born. It is safe to say I wasn’t born the perfect baby. How did I get pneumonia? I don’t know or at least no one ever told me.  However, having had pneumonia many times since, as well as other short lived health issues during my childhood and adulthood, I became inadvertently passionate about being well and staying well. It wasn’t until I was in my middle 30’s that I did anything about it.

Follow me as I share the next leg of my journey.  I welcome comments and questions so don’t be afraid to ask. Questions will be researched and addressed in future blogs.

Thanks for reading.


Have you ever lived in Florida?  It is a 365 day a year vacation, especially if….you are retired. Being a multi-tasker, I still work. As a Certified Detoxification Specialist, I counsel  with clients to revitalize their well-being. It is my passion!

Stay tuned for an educational journey into the explosive 21st Century’s world of Health!

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