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Even though radiation omitted from mammograms causes some breast cancers and some women die from it….the consensus is that more lives are saved with mammograms than are killed by the radiation. (Ref: Life Extension Magazine). However, “though most victims lives are spared it is at a cost to include surgical mutilation, radiation injury to the chest cavity, systemic damage by chemotherapy and acute menopause by estrogen-blocking drugs.” At this point it makes sense to take preventative steps. There is an abundance of published research “linking high normal blood glucose levels to increased breast cancer risk. This information makes it important to maintain glucose at safe low-normal ranges. Also victims are subject to become diabetic. (check chart)
A superior food. Grapes, I love grapes. Grapes are slowly gaining scientific validation as a “top-notch defender against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and age-related cognitive decline.”

The benefits of grape consumption is they are composed of antioxidants called ‘polyphenols’, a cancer-fighting compound ‘resveratrol’, proanthocyanidins (concentrated in the seeds), and dense amounts of anthocyanins. The latest research would have us also believe it may also help promote eye health, including prevention of glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. (Study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

A study from the British Journal of Nutrition tells us that “the grape juice’s ability to reduce oxidative stress in the brain might enhance memory and improve cognition with aging.”

Selecting and storing Grapes:

  • Grapes are available all year round
  • Choose fully ripe grapes that are firm and plump. (Black and Red grapes have the most nutritional value)
  • Grapes should be firmly attached to the stem, wrinkle free, and not leaking juice.
  • Store in a container or plastic bag in the refrigerator (I use the original bag the grapes come in, after I treat (wash) the grapes to get rid of the pesticides and chemicals that are on the grapes when grown, and then used again on the grapes, for preservation purposes, before the grapes sold to the stores to sell to the public. I wash the bag before I put them back in it.)

The grapes – when refrigerated will store for up to 5 days. To help keep their freshness, I put a sheet of paper towel in the bag. This helps keep them firm and they seem to store longer as well.

In reference to my Detox Diet Plan –
Question? Why are fruits, vegetable, nuts & seeds special foods for dietary and detoxification purposes?
Answer: Because fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds feed, energize and heal the body, each in its own special way. FRUITS: feed the brain and nervous system. VEGETABLES: feed the muscles and skeletal system. NUTS and SEEDS: are structural foods.

Raw fruits and vegetables vitalize the body. You should consider eating them raw as much as possible.  The ratio, if you must cook the vegetables should be 80% raw to 20% cooked (steamed only). My plan gives you an eating pattern to follow. In my plan, I do not recommend red meats due to their huge toxicity and acidic factors. They cause dis-ease (disease) instead of rebuilding the body.  If you must eat meat, I suggest that it be turkey, (preferable), chicken or fish. (not fried). These can be eaten along with a salad at the dinner meal. Homemade vegetable soup is also on the plan. Please no tomato soup because of the acidity. If you must cook the vegetables – STEAM, or SAUTE’ them. No Fried foods.  Focus on ‘low’ or ‘no protein’ type foods; no breads, no pasta or dairy (dairy causes mucus congestion and inflammation). Nuts are a good source of amino acids, and many essential vitamin/mineral supplements. However, eat them minimally as you will get all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids the body needs in the fruits and vegetables. 

The plan starts with a 1 -2 day lemon water fast. This is for accelerating the detoxification process. Then…

Choose the cycle – a routine – for how you want to use this plan. Take it one day at a time. Make it a habit – the body loves habits and routines as it functions better on routine.

With any diet plan the questions always arises about how often and how much a person should eat? How often is part of my plan…3 meals and 2 snacks during the daytime hours. Eating after 6 pm is a no-no, as anything eaten between 6 and bedtime is never digested as you sleep. Overeating overworks the GI tract and digestive organs causing poor digestion and malabsorption of the nutrients in the food. The food sits in the stomach and colon area – putrefy’s and ferments. It zaps your dynamic energy and you wake up the next day tired and exhausted.

Enjoy your journey into longevity, vibrancy and spirituality. You have the freedom to make your life’s journey what and how you want it. DON’T live to eat, but EAT to LIVE! 



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