Here in Florida, the growing season for food, which I specifically enjoy planting and reaping the benefits of, is the winter months from October to April. As the years are passing I am finding out that some of what I planted in past years are not growing as well, or not at all.  By doing a lot of research, I  have concluded – it had to be because seeds and plants sold today – more than in the past – have all been genetically modified. Another way of hiding that fact is the use of the word ‘HYBRID’. Since the FDA does not force companies to say their products are GMOS, very few plants have GMO on the labels. The word ‘HYBRID’  is used in its place and is how the plant is described on the label. According to the Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, ‘hybrid means: “an offspring of two plants of different species or genera.”  This, in my mind, is another way of saying ‘altered‘. Is that not what Genetically Modified is?  I find that ‘hybrid’ plants grow only  (1) one crop or picking of the vegetable. e.g. Once I pick the tomatoes the plant dies. Once I cut the Kale it doesn’t produce more. Years ago when the tomatoes were all picked and the plant looked ragged I could cut it down and it would grow right back up and produce even more tomatoes than before. I could cut my kale plants to the ground and they would keep on giving me more kale. Now, with the ‘hybrid’ or GMO plants, once the crop is harvested, the plant dies, and cutting it down for it to regrow doesn’t work. According to the media hype, ‘HYBRID’ and ‘GMO’ are suppose to mean ‘bigger and better’. You can’t prove that by me.

Even though I knew about GMOS and the down side, I never thought the influx of GMOS would inhibit the selling of non-GMO products. I thought that we, the people, would have a choice. However, I am finding the Big Money Companies (e.g. Monsanto) and the Government joined forces to take that choice away.

The public needs to be made aware of the truth. Monsanto and companies like it have been successful by covering up the FACTS! Many diseases today are linked to genetic modification. They include cancer, heart disease, auto-immune issues, Autism, leaky gut syndrome, just about every inflammation based diseases, and many more. The epidemic stage of these diseases have been brought on by the widespread use, of GMO-linked pesticides, and GMO modified foods, and seeds etc. reeking havoc from toxic chemicals. GMOS play a huge role in disturbing development, and will have generational ramifications. I tell you this in hopes of making you aware of the risks to you and your family. What do your children, grand-children and great-grand-children have to risk to be healthy and stay healthy in the years to come.

I hope you clicked on and watched the above video. I found it very informative in helping the public to understand more about GMO’s and, as well, verifies much of my research on the GMO subject. It also specifies which foods are GMO FOODS and explains why they shouldn’t be eaten. There is so much to be said about the ramifications of Genetically Modified foods…that it would take pages and pages of blog space. There are many YouTube Videos on the subject for your own checking.  Another good video that tells you about the history of the Monsanto Company is titled “Monsanto: The Company that owns the Worlds’s Food Supply.” The information is mind-boggling and scary.

Do you really want the government and company’s such as Monsanto controlling you, where you and your family’s health is concerned? Shouldn’t we all have a CHOICE?

I will keep on growing my food as long as I am able to do so and can find non-genetically modified seeds – not an easy task. I will be researching next, what are called ‘Backyard Food Banks’ – ways to grow your own foods and avoid governmental control.

I urge all of my readers to do their own research on other questions you may have on the subject of GMO’s. I have only scratched the surface.



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  1. hi mom ur daughter in cally i would like some non gmo or so calld non hybred seeds … i want seeds we used to plant when i was a kid n utah n r bkyard okay luv ya


    1. Thanks Barbara….I will check them out. I like plants – do you know anywhere here in Punta Gorda area where you can buy plants other than the Echo Farm? Ilse


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