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FRUITS & VEGETABLES – How do fruits and vegetables help improve your health, immune system, etc.?

The food list below will be a staple in the Health Fact Tips. The list in each blog will be short – so you won’t be overwhelmed with information:

  • APPLES: Protect your heart; Prevent constipation; Block diarrhea; Improve lung capacity; Cushion joints.
  • APRICOTS: Combat cancer; Control blood pressure; Save your eyesight; Shield against Alzheimer’s; Slow aging process.
  • ARTICHOKES: Aid digestion; Lower cholesterol; Protect your heart; Stabilize blood sugar; Guard against liver disease.
  • AVOCADOS: Battle diabetes; Lowers cholesterol; Helps/stops strokes; Control blood pressure; smooths the skin.
  • BANANAS: Protect your heart; Quiet a cough; Strengthen bones; Control blood pressure; Blocks diarrhea.
  • BEANS: Prevent constipation; Helps hemorrhoids; Lowers cholesterol; Combat cancer; Stabilizes blood sugar.
  • BEETS: Control blood pressure; Combat cancer; Strengthen bones; Protects your heart; Aids weight loss.
  • BLUEBERRIES: Combat cancer; Protect your heart; Stabilizes blood sugar; Boosts memory; Prevent constipation.
  • BROCCOLI: Strengthens bones; Saves eyesight; Combats cancer; Protects your heart; Controls blood pressure.

Add any or these foods to your menu as they apply to your health issues, and start (if you aren’t already) reaping their benefits.

In one of my earlier blogs I talked about ‘salt’. This tip reiterates the good and the bad about ‘salt.’

Salt is an ingredient used in every recipe for food preparation, and processed food you purchase in the grocery store. How does it affect nutrition and aid or not aid in weight loss?

Refined salt is a TOXIC substance but why? Our bodies, in reality, need salt. The media have us believing we need ‘refined’ salt. It is the ‘refined’ salt that is the problem and causing the health issues many folks experience today. The WHY? Because is contains anti-caking agents, some of which are linked to heavy metal toxicity and kidney problems. Refined salt also contains a common preservative called ‘sodium acetate’…which may also add to the problem of high blood pressure and kidney issues.

Research tells us that there is an alternative to ‘refined salt’….What is it? UNREFINED SEA SALT! Unrefined sea salt is natural and is actually good for you. Unrefined sea salt helps balance your blood sugar, helps to keep your bones strong, regulates your metabolism, and boosts your immune system, etc. It also contains nutrients and minerals and over 80 trace minerals. When you buy sea salt be sure you check the label for “UNREFINED”, as some sea salts are still ‘refined’. I have become a label reader – something I used to never pay any attention to. It was a wise choice.

You decide what is best for you…keeping in mind ‘health, health, health’.

There is a lot of controversy on the ‘bowels’. Should you or should you not have more than (1) bowel movement per day?

Because of the long and absorbing nature of the small and large intestines, it is vital that a person has at least (1) bowel movement a day…but better yet to have more than (1) one. Two to three bowel movements per day will not impair you and, in fact, are best.  When you allow your bowels to back up, your small and large intestines reabsorbs toxins, poisons, acids, etc. As well, the bowels if they don’t move often enough develop layers of impacted fecal matter that poisons the system and hinders proper absorption of nutrients.

Quoting Dr. Robert Morse N.D., “Because of dairy products and white flour products which act like “glue” in the bowels, we develop a thick “rubber-like substance all through our bowels called mucoid plaque. This causes inflammation, pockets, mal-absorption, constipation or diarrhea, ulcers and cancer.”


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