Life versus Natural Healing

We were given our bodies by God as perfect machines down to the very last cell. What we do with natural healing is repair those aging, dying cells to restore them back to the way they were to begin with so they work the way they should work. A full body transformation means no frail muscles, brittle hair, wrinkly skin, sick organs – lungs, heart, joints, brain, etc. Cellular renewal is stored inside your mitochondria which are microscopic structures deep within every cell in the body. Mitochondria controls how long the body’s cells live and die when the body starts to grow old. It provides energy  to the entire body.

The modern lifestyle that people live today is not the lifestyle God intended for us to live. But, then, He did give us freedom of choice. Face it folks, the universe today is messed up with pollution, radiation from cell phones, toxins in the water and food, pesticides, and on and on. The bottom line, however, there is HOPE! Even after the body has begun to fall apart, there is still hope for cell renewal by restoring the mitochondria in the cells. IT ALL BEGINS WITH A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE TO INCLUDE THE FOODS YOU EAT, A CHANGE IN EATING HABITS, AND NOT ABUSING THE BODY WITH ALCOHOL, DRUGS, NICOTINE, CAFFEINE, ETC.

HOW? Act on the knowledge you are receiving about good nutrition, not only from my blog, but from the myriad of information on the net by other reputable nutritionists, and doctors of natural healing. If you have multiple health issues, FIX THE CAUSE and DON’T JUST RELIEVE OR TREAT THE SYMPTOMS!

God Bless!


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