I read and study the scriptures daily. My favorite bible is ‘The Founders’ Bible’. This morning as I was reading and studying, I was prompted to relay this message to you.

Reference Luke 4 which describes the duty of Jesus Christ in the world during His time on earth – and which, I feel applies to us today. This chapter prompted John Quincy  Adams – a former president’s way of life. What it all entailed I am paraphrasing – in short – putting into a nutshell.


As John Q. Adams would say and did (paraphrased) – ‘ALWAYS DO WHATEVER IS RIGHT, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME. WORK PASSIONATELY ON YOUR LIFE MISSION, AND IT WILL BE UP TO GOD AS TO WHETHER OR NOT ANY OF YOUR EFFORTS SUCCEED. John Q. Adams did this as a political leader in the United States of America for many, many years. I feel it serves as a LIFE-GIVING EXAMPLE FOR ALL OF US TO FOLLOW.

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Think about this. Put it into your heart and then put it into action. My love to all of my readers and followers. GOD WILL BLESS  YOU, AND, GOD WILL BLESS THE WORLD!

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