HAIR! I know hair.  As a cosmetologist here in the state of Florida, one is required to take a continuing education class every 2 years to in order to renew your license. Things learned in gaining knowledge of hair dressing include  chemistry, sanitation, legalities, and many facets regarding health, not only of the client, but the condition of the hair.

Hair is considered tissue. It requires the same elements for growth and repair as do the other tissues in the body. Hair, as the second most metabolically-active tissue in the body is often used as a ‘record’ of metabolic activity going on in the other parts of the body, which is determined by the first couple of inches of the hair growth. Yes, do you know, that as it grows, hair locks in the history of intra and extra-cellular metabolic activity.

What does this mean?  Hair analysis is often times used, and is more reliable than blood analysis regarding cellular level utilization, storage and excretory factors. As an excretory tissue, hair can show mineral, heavy metal and toxic element levels within the body. Today, heavy metals in the body are considered a health danger, toxic and deadly. Law enforcement – often times – uses hair to test for the ingestion of toxic elements/drugs etc.  when determining criminal activityHair testing is so accurate that it can determine the facts down to the year and month of ingestion, as well as level changes. Therefore, hair can be more definite than blood and urine in indicating the storage of toxic elements in the body. 

The cellular level is where it all happens. As stated in the book – Diet and Disease by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, “Minerals have interrelationships with every other nutrient. Without optimum mineral levels within the body, the other nutrients are not effectively utilized.”   The book goes on to teach that minerals play an important part in the production of hormone synthesis and activity and visa versa with some minerals being more ‘electric’ transporters as well as stimulators. They also play a role in enzyme activity.

It is for your learning experience that I mention all of this. Blood, hair, saliva, urine, and I can include iris (eye) analysis as well as clinical observation, are all good ways of helping you to understand the systemic conditions of the body. 

As a Detox specialist I can say that detoxification – a change in the diet, can drastically change blood, hair, saliva and urine – in which the end result can be exciting and wonderful as the body’s health issues slowly drop into normal ranges as the body is cleansed.

It is said by many researchers and scientists, that the only true healing modality is  DETOXIFICATION. It brings the body’s chemistry  back into balance. It will remove the toxic metals, elements, substances, parasites, etc. that DO NOT BELONG IN THE BODY. (Do your own research)

The short video I am sharing below is directed at some healthy ways of taking care of the HAIR. Enjoy.

Seek HAIR HAPPINESS through GOOD HEALTH – A blessing from GOD!

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