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How many of you are braving the new territory that has been presented on the pages in this blog? Have you put your “toe in the water” to start the Detox Diet Plan? If so, how do you feel? To put you all at ease, I am doing the plan right along with you….have been for years.  The light at the end of the tunnel is when your doctor says “I don’t know how you did it, but your blood work is great and you are in perfect health.  Make an appointment for a year from now.”

The biggest hurdle for most clients is getting past the:



pile_of_cigarettes_anti_smoking_cg5p852045c_thNO SMOKING
NO MEAT  italy-1264104__180  This is huge.

It was also suggested – NO DAIRY or GRAINS.  Remember the song, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”? You will be encouraged to let go of a few of your favorite things. However, it will not be to your detriment, but for your good.


In COFFEE AND TEA you are dealing with CAFFEINE. Caffeine is an addictive habit-forming drug which is actually a depressant. The high which is a false sense of energy is good for about 30 minutes – maybe more in some folks, but then the energy dissipates. In excessive amounts it causes jumpiness, heart palpitations, restricts liver function, reduces mental acuity, causes headaches, leaches vitamins from the system and etc. etc.

What the “coffee” guru’s  don’t tell you about caffeine is that there are two kinds. The first is the pure caffeine from the coffee bean that has not been processed.  The second is the caffeine residue left after the processing procedure.  The first (pure) can have beneficial effects, while the second (processed) has only detrimental effects. What is being sold in the super markets is not pure; it is processed. When QUITTING  the coffee habit, it is wise to do so slowly. Withdrawal symptoms can include: headaches, constipation, aches and pains and irritability.

ALCOHOL….in essence is a drug. It depresses the central nervous system, and harms the organs of the body, specifically the liver and intestines. It is an addictive drug. As a diuretic, it leaches water from the body. It deletes the vitamins from the system which can lead to a wide range of diseases. Body toxicity is the result and eventually death.


SMOKING. In smoking, the big word is NICOTINE. Smoking causes cancer mortality, and death. Cancer involvement is usually in the lung, larynx (voice box), esophagus, bladder, stomach pancreas and etc. Smoking harms the majority of the organs in the body and contributes to a wide range of diseases to include: immune system disfunction, the common cold, peptic ulcers, tooth decay and gum disease (learned this as a child, my dad was a dentist), bone decay, thyroid, eye, and bronchial issues.

It is amazing that despite the detrimental effects of smoking that anyone would even try smoking for the first time.  Once tried, however, a resistance is built up in the body and it becomes an addiction.

Tobacco in the early days was used as a bruise-healing herb for humans and for sick cattle. It does have some medicinal properties for sick animals, but still must be used with caution.

MEAT: Iimages2n Detoxification class, the instructor indicated the eating of red meat is the equivalent of eating dead meat and of eating dried blood. That did it for me. Studies today are showing meat to be related to an increased risk for cancer, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and heart disease. Red meat, specifically is associated with liver and lung cancers. When you stop eating red meats you will improve your health. You will get adequate protein from healthier sources. You will experience less inflammation and improve your gut health. Of course, we can see that it takes years and years of eating red meats to see how devastating it can be to one’s health. Pork, in all forms, is also considered a red meat, as is Lamb.

NO DAIRY and NO GRAINS will be discussed in a future blog.

I hope you have been enlightened on the WHY of the NO-NO’s in the Detox Diet Plan. It won’t be long before you will crave FRUIT. Remember, humans are FRUGIVORES – not CARNIVORES.

Until tomorrow.  Stay safe. LIFE IS GOOD!



alphabet-3359584A lot of terminology has been thrown at you in my blogs. Some familiar and some not so familiar. In the dance studio I owned, terminology was taught as part of the curriculum. The lack of terminology made it difficult for a child/adult to learn how to dance. Terminology refers to specific words and terms associated with specific businesses or special subjects. It is a necessity for you to understand what I am talking about when the health terminology is over your head. The following is a review of some of the terms already used and some new terminology to be introduced.

ALKALINITY – disperses, moves and cleans the body. It is also the key to the bodies regeneration and restoration. 80% is preferable to nature.
ACIDS – coagulate, form mucus and stagnate the body. 20% is preferable to nature.
INFLAMMATION – in health talk, is a localized response to cellular injury as marked by redness, heat, and pain in the damaged location.
GASTRITIS –inflammation of the stomach.
ENTERITIS – inflammation of the small intestine.
COLITIS – inflammation of the colon or large intestine.
DIVERTICULITIS – inflammation of the bowel (intestinal pockets).
S.A.D. – the Standard American Diet, which is now being proven to weaken the body instead of strengthen it.

In the future, you might want to remember that anything with “itis” at the end is related to inflammation.

Are you overwhelmed yet?

Thanks for wanting to continue your education on health concerns.  As always….God Bless!


The Detox Plan recommended the consumption of a lot of fruit.


I can hear the questions now – WHY so much fruit?  Because it is the start of Detoxification.  WHAT fruits should I eat?  Will be listed below. HOW can I eat just fruit and not get tired of it?  Fruit can be prepared in many ways, be creative. WILL eating that much fruit spike my blood sugar?  It shouldn’t as the sugar in fruit is NATURAL and not manufactured or processed. WHAT if my doctor tells me not to eat fruit? Research the facts and make your own decision.

searchThe world is abound with many varieties of fruit.

To help make the selection easier for you all, the fruits are categorized as follows and with combining suggestions.


SWEET FRUITS – include: Bananas, Persimmons, Dates, Figs, Raisins, Prunes, Jackfruit, and dried fruits.  These fruits work best when not used with Acid Fruits. They combine well with Lettuce and Celery.

imagesSUB-ACID FRUITS – include: grapes, Pears, Apples, Peaches, Plums, Papayas, Blueberries, Raspberries.
These can be combined with Acid or Sweet Fruits, but
not both at the same time.  Good with lettuce and celery.

searchACID FRUITS – include: Grapefruit, Oranges, Limes, Kiwi, Pineapple, Strawberries, Pomegranate, Lemons and Tomatoes.  These work well with Sub-Acid, but not with Sweet Fruits.  Good with celery and lettuce.

unnamed MELONS – include: Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantelopes.

The seasons of the year are not the same in Different regions of the world. It is wise to eat the fruits in season where you are located. However, don’t shy away from trying some of the exotic fruits sold in the fruit department of your local grocery store, or health food store.  Do clean the fruit before you eat it. Today there are many pesticides and poisons used to produce what the government calls Super Foods. This can and is detrimental to the health of everyone.

Take a chance, use the Internet to do your own research regarding all of the above and more. This is the start of the regeneration of the new YOU!

Veggies are next on the agenda.  Happy eating and may God Bless!





Image result for pics stick people

This Quick Trip Detox Plan can be used by one and all, no matter your circumstances. However, if you are hesitant, please consult your family physician.


image017.jpgFAST – Start with a Lemon Juice Fast for 1-2 days.  DO NOT EAT! Use real lemons to make your juice and do not add sweetener. This will start the toxin cleanse by beginning the alkalization process in the body.

MENU – for 2-3 weeks 7 days a week

BREAKFAST: Any fruit you want to eat. Watermelon is good, but do not eat it with any other type of fruit or melon.  It is best eaten alone for good results. Eat as much as you want. Alkalize, Alkalize, Alkalize.

SNACK:  Any dried fruit.

LUNCH:  Any fruit you want. Buy what is in season in your area. For right now avoid pineapple and cranberries.

SNACK:  Any dried fruit, fresh fruit, berries.



DINNER: Large raw vegetable salad (avoid using iceberg lettuce as it constipates). Put any other kind of lettuce (red leaf, romaine, bibb etc.) you want in your salad.  For Salad dressing, use Balsamic Vinegar dressing or just sprinkle it with fresh Lemon Juice and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  OR – You can have a small dish of Vegetable Soup (no tomatoes). Make it yourself out of fresh vegetables.


TIP: Drinking one 8 oz. glass of water 30 minutes before you eat helps fill you up so you won’t over eat. You can also drink it 30 minutes after you eat. You can drink water any time during the day that you want –JUST NOT AT THE SAME TIME AS EATING MEALS/DURING THE MEAL. It dilutes the natural digestive juices which you do not want to do.


Do Not – eat any Meat, Dairy or Bread products. DISCONTINUE the use of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, over-the-counter medications if they apply. Keep taking  your prescription medications as needed until your doctor tells you, you don’t need them anymore.

YOU MAY – experience weakness so get plenty of rest – as the DETOXIFICATION process has begun.  Exercise only mildly or not at all during these 2-3 weeks. Walking is great. Let your body dictate what you can and cannot do.


Would love to hear how you do. Until next time – God Bless!


In the MIND…..with the MIND SET.  Do I just want to do it to see if I like it? I want to do it, but do I really need to?  Do I even have health issues?  What if I don’t like it? DO I REALLY WANT TO DETOX AND WILL I STICK WITH THE PROCESS ONCE I FIND OUT WHAT IT ENTAILS AND HOW IT REALLY WORKS?  AM I WILLING TO MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE? The only person who can answer these questions is YOU!

Other Questions:  Will my doctor approve?  Will it hurt me?  WILL IT INTERFERE WITH THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS I AM TAKING? Will it make me sick? Will it make me fat?  Will it make me lose weight and how? These questions and many others can and should be answered by a good Detoxification Specialist.


With the DIET…..A detox diet plan is not anything like the conventional diets you see advertised on TV or any of the latest trends.  Diets these days seem to be trendy. Some are long lived. Some are short lived. Some work and some don’t.  A good DETOX DIET PLAN will change your life, BUT only if you stick with it for the rest of your life.

OKAY FRUGIVORES are you ready to start?

It’s time to read previous blogs. They will help you to know where this journey is taking you.

God Bless!!!!


To summarize from a previous blog, a person is in need of detoxing if he/she is experiencing any kind of health issue, or if they just want to feel better, or just because.  Of course if one wants to feel better it is an indication that something is wrong. And,”just because” subtly is a secret desire to reverse the condition the body is in, or the way you feel. That is the focus of Detoxification.

You ask, HOW?  By restoring the function of all the body parts (listed in a previous blog) to the condition they were in when you were feeling good, without sickness or diseases.

20160917_173156-24At birth the body is near perfect; because it hasn’t been exposed to the outside of the womb world. From the first breath of air it begins the journey into a toxic existence.

The body later in life is the product of years of toxin build up by way of poor food choices, exposure to bad air, poor water, alcohol, smoking, drug use by choice or prescription (both of which can become habit forming), and in general poor hygiene.  NOW, the body is in need of detoxification in order to restore it to the near perfect body it was at birth.

There is a lot of hype declaring that detoxing can be done in a day, a week, a month, a short period of time and quickly.  NOT SO!!!!

The purpose of detoxing, is to clean house by ridding the body of toxin build-up in the body systems – to include the glands, heart, lungs, kidneys etc, etc. so the body can start it’s own healing process.  In order to do this the proper nutrition needs to be going into the system by way of Natural Supplements and Natural Foods that have not been exposed to pesticides, chemicals and other manmade harmful substances.

Give it serious thought, my readers. It took years of abuse to destroy your body and its functions, and it will take at least 1-5 years to restore it, depending on the condition it is in when you begin the Detox process. Do you really want to live in a sickly body?  Wouldn’t it be more fun to be full of vitality again, to be able to enjoy life?


Until our next session.  God Bless!




“All diseases may by sure means be prevented or cured, not excepting that of old age, and our lives lengthened at pleasure even beyond the (current) standard…”

This was in a letter written by Benjamin Franklin in the year 1780. What do you suppose he was talking about?  Why AGING of course.  I decided years ago that I wish to live beyond the age of 100.  Some folks do as well, and some folks just say “not me.”

The  Life Extension Magazine has a fascinating article about Rejuvenation (age reversal). To quote: “This article describes how Life Extension Foundation and others have joined to launch a new company called Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.”

The Company, quote “has been established to rapidly transform already developed medical technologies into the human clinical arena.” It’s objective, quote “is to engineer cellular DNA so there will be no upper-limit threshold whereby maturing humans will be deprived of youthful health and well-being.”

WOW!  This is huge.  In biblical times peoples lived to be well into the hundred’s of years old. Can that actually happen today….or will it in the future?

A lot is already known about biological aging, with many years of scientific research going into the study of how to eradicate old age. Many seniors are wanting to find an Anti-Aging Drug.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure there will be and already are ups and downs involved in the process of this research. As I read the article I was fascinated by one statement, to quote “If one is fortunate to make it to advanced age in relatively good health, their most dangerous vulnerability is a deteriorating  immune system.”

I know, but do you know, or understand, the importance of a healthy immune system. This will be the topic of a future blog. In the meantime will therapeutic age reversal alter the course of Medical History?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next time, may God Bless!



We’ve all heard this expression before…..and it is basically true.  Every bit of food or anything else one puts in his/her system is utilized one way or another; sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good (bad).

I’ve  had many questions regarding Detoxification.  The big one being WHY do I need to detox?  No one can answer that question but you.  How do you feel on a regular basis?  Are you having health issues? What are your sleep habits?  Do you have any problems that involve any of the body parts mentioned in my last blog such as digestion, elimination, heart, cognitive, muscular, blood, bone, the list goes on and on? Are you willing to change a lifestyle that is giving you grief? That means putting into action the suggestions and helps offered in this blog and others you might have explored, as long as they will not do your body harm. Are you willing to stop drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages, stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking and, if using drugs, quit, if they are non-prescribed drugs? All of these are important changes one needs to commit to if one is serious about improving their health and revitalizing the body.

As a Detox  specialist I am here to help you take charge of your own health.  Wake up the new you! Many of my blogs will be action plans and suggestions to assist you in doing just that.


NOTE:  Comments are welcome.  Questions regarding health in general will be answered on my Blog. Personal questions concerning your health will be answered via e-mail provided you leave your name and e-mail address. Communications, of a personal nature, regarding health issues will be kept confidential.

As the old saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” That is if you apply it.

Until next time, may God Bless your day!


I have a tendency to analyze everything to the point of complication. Science, chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology etc. are not easy for most of us to understand.  Therefore, I will try to keep the understanding of the process of Detoxification SIMPLE.

The circle of life basically includes (1) eating, (2) being active, and (3) sleeping, over and over again. So what, how and why are questions, one might ask. Taking it one segment at a time –  let’s start with eating.

FOOD CONSUMPTION – EATING:  now that you know humans are frugivores….what do frugivores eat?  A frugivore is a species that mainly eats fruits, however they also consume nuts, seeds, sweet vegetables and herbs.  The caveman, who existed thousands of years before Adam and Eve, are pictured in one’s mind as people who killed animals and dragged them to their caves for dinner. Picture in your mind what that species looked like, rugged, squatty, hairy, etc.  Man evolved under God’s watchful eye and as I see it, He knew what he was doing when He re-created man in a new era and put him on our earth to live with complicated yet SIMPLE to care for BODIES.

The structures and functions of the body’s systems include the following:

* Circulatory System:  Heart, arteries, capillaries, veins, and the blood.
* Digestive System: comprised of the Tongue, Salivary glands, Stomach, Small Intestines and a Liver. Food is broken down in this system
Eliminative System: comprised of the Colon, and GI tract. The broken down food is eliminated in this system.
Intestinal System (Colon): waste and by-products are eliminated through the large intestine which is the Colon.
Lymphatic System: Spleen, thymus, lymph nodes-vessels and fluid. It is one of the most vital systems in your body. Its job is to remove wastes and fat soluble material from the gastrointestinal tract. It also carries nutrients to various parts of the body. It houses the Immune System, which is the basis of ones survival.
Extremities: (upper) Arms, Hands, Fingers, (lower) 2 Legs with Feet and Toes – used to walk in an upright position.
Integumentary System: the Skin with pores and minimal hairs, and Sweat glands used when you perspire which eliminates toxins.
Endocrine  (Glandular System): Adrenal glands, pancreas, pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, and testes. It regulates the various body activities to include breathing, temperature, nerve response etc.
Muscular System: muscles, tendons and connective tissue.
Nervous System: brain, spinal cord, sensory organs to include the eyes, ears, nose etc
Reproductive System: function is reproduction by way of conception.
Respiratory System: lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tubes, etc.
Skeletal System: Teeth – to chew the food, Jaws – provide multi-motional chewing, and Tail (some); and last but not least the…
Urinary System: Kidneys (urine) which excretes toxins from the body.

Food consumption is necessary for human survival, and for energy.  We eat, but not all foods are good for our bodies or are even used by the body. SIMPLY, the processes the body uses for our wellbeing are:
* Digestion – the breakdown of food.
* Absorption – how the foods after they are broken down, are absorbed as building materials and fuel.
* Utilization – the way we get nutrition and how these materials are transported into our system which includes the cells and blood. And
* Elimination – what goes in must come out.

The body is constantly seeking an alkaline/acid balance. statistically the percentages should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. In today’s world, and because of the convoluted eating habits of most people, those percentages are pretty close to reversed.  THAT IS THE WHY OF DISEASE (DIS-EASE).

So how does one get their body back on track?  Follow my blog and find out.


BIOLOGICALLY, as humans we need to be eating foods suited for our species. Do you know you are a homosapien? The following is a list of animal which are all physiologically and anatomically different.  As you read through them decide which of the animals you as a homosapien resemble.

*   CARNIVORES:  Cats, cheetahs, lions, etc.
*   OMNIVORES:  Birds – to include chickens, turkeys, etc.
*   HERBIVORES:  Horses, cows, sheep, elephants, deer, giraffes
*   FRUGIVORES:  Primates – apes, chimpanzees, monkeys

All animals to include humans, eat, have a digestive system, eliminative system, extremities, integumentary system, skeletal system, and urinary system. However, because they are anatomically and physiologically different, their systems handle the food they eat differently. I could go into a long dissertation of the differences, but you would get bored. Soooooo, have you decided which species you belong to?  If you decided Primates, hip, hip, hooray. They are Frugivores as are all humans whether you like it or not.

Primagallery-thumbnails1tes, the apes, chimpanzees, and monkeys know what to eat. Why is it that the human species is the only species confused about what to eat?

I’ve seen it for myself, and often tell my clients that when a table is set with a variety of foods and you put a child in front of it: the child invariably goes to the fruit first, then the veggies. My great-grandchildren always want the bananas, the grapes, the strawberries, and the apples etc. before any other foods. When their moms fill their plates with other foods, they invariably eat the fruits first, nibble at the other foods and (I’ve seen them) throw the rest in the garbage. It is generally mom, dad and other grownup ups that steer the children to the comfort foods, the cheesy foods, junk foods, desserts and candies.

The ancient Greeks and Romans ate a lot of fruit and lived to be 200 years old or older.  It never dawned on me at the time, but when I took Latin in school, the fruits and veggies the Greeks and Romans ate were rarely ever cooked. They were eaten raw.

God intended for us to eat food for life, not death. God said to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, (Genesis 1:29) “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” In other words, God ordained for man to eat the herbs and fruit in the seasons thereof.

Basically all mankind no matter your ethnicity are all biologically the same. I encourage you to continue with me on my journey to total vital health – to include the mind, body and soul.

Until next time, thanks for following my blog.


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