Immune System = Longevity!

My body was in dire straits when I became interested in self-healing. I had pneumonia 3-4 times during my life and caught every flu bug that was in the air. My immune system was out of control. Today people are always saying to me, “well you are getting older and our bodies just break down with age.” I am not satisfied with this and as I now know….

The IMMUNE SYSTEM weakens as you age – ONLY IF YOU LET IT!

The Japanese people and other Asian cultures have a life expectancy of around 100 years, which is among the highest in the world. Longevity and a healthy immune system go hand in hand. Both depend on the correct food intake for the vitamins, minerals and amino acids the food has, for the body to stay in a healed condition. The things we eat should promote cardiovascular health, electrolyte balance, good hearing/visual function, and immune modulation. Issues such as liver disease, kidney, heart failure, diabetes, cancer and obesity can block the body’s promotion of these essential supplements which it is capable of producing itself for our metabolic and neurologic health.

The Immune System is our natural defense system. It includes the entire body – every gland, organ, and tissue. The Immune System more than any other system in the body is central to your health and well-being, because it affects every part of the body.  The fewer toxic burdens you have the more effectively the immune system can work.  Everything you eat either strengthens or weakens your immune system. Correct foods give the necessary nutrients the body needs. The longer the body is deprived of the nutrients it needs – for cell repair, the more susceptible you are to illness. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help to strengthen the natural defense system. When toxins pile up faster than the body can eliminate them, the less effective the immune system becomes over time.

isAs I see people everyday, in all walks of life, with protruding stomachs I see a sign that their Colons are in jeopardy. OLD AGE begins in the COLON!  So there goes your hope for longevity. It takes years of living and eating the wrong foods to produce a colon that is damaged. There is no quick easy way to correct a colon that is as damaged as any of the colons in the picture. So what do you do? CLEANSE, CLEANSE, CLEANSE…..

Eliminate the toxins, Rebuild, Regenerate. 

A healthy Immune System needs a healthy Colon. The cleansing process means applying enough natural nutrient values in food, and the intake of correct herbal supplementation. The process is a gradual rebuilding of the blood, all glandular systems, skeletal (by way of exercise), and it also takes time and patience. Applying these strategies will aid in bringing the colon and the rest of the body back to a simulation of normalcy.

Additional conditions, from those mentioned above, that emerge because of a defenseless immune system include: chronic degenerative inflammatory disorders, sleep deprivation , chronic fatigue, joint and muscle issues, the common cold and flu, low sex drive, stress disorders, low motivational levels, weight gain etc. Do any of these conditions ‘ring a bell’ in your situation?

The following is a suggested list of the best foods to eat:

FRUITS: Grapes, Bananas, Strawberries, Mangoes, Grapefruit, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Oranges, Pomegranate, Dried fruits (not processed), Melons, etc.

VEGETABLES:  Romaine and all dark leaf lettuce (Iceburg lettuce has less nutritional value), Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Celery, Green Peppers, Cucumbers, Avocados, Squash, Green Beans, Peas, Raw Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes (better than white potatoes), Cauliflower, etc.

** OTHER (Raw): Pecans, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Macadamia nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Pistachios.  (**Eat moderately…too much can be acid forming.)

2 SUGGESTED ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Taurine (which few of you have ever heard of, and Magnesium (which depletes in the body as it ages and is riddled with health issues). I take both of these as additional supplementation in my diet. They are extremely beneficial in combating all of the health issues, and more, than those mentioned in this article.

NOTICE: NO MEAT LIST.  Meat is for the most part too acidic, and is basically the cause of many of our health issues. Remember – we need to Alkalize the body. The body makes enough of it’s own acids to do the job of breaking down the foods we eat. It doesn’t need help from other acid forming sources. Also remember that you are working on healing the IMMUNE SYSTEM  AND COLON damage that has already taken place over the years. 

REMEDY – Again, and repetition is good; isEliminate toxins, Nourish the body with correct nutrients, be Consistent, and Patient. Once your body’s own defence system is back on track to adequately protect you, your body will be rejuvenated and you will feel revitalized and energized!

Have a wonderful healing day and GOD BLESS!

Toxic Load

I know – you hear it again, and again, and again….but repetition is good if it is for our benefit.

Young and old alike complain about the same ailments to include: hard to stay physically active, loss of energy, fatigue, depression, stress, etc. These complaints are all the aftermath of a TOXIC LOAD caused by the SAD (Standard American Diet).

The bogetty_rm_photo_of_cryptosporidiumdy, if it is more acidic than it is alkaline succumbs to parasites. Yes, we all have parasites, fungi, and other harmful orggetty_rf_photo_of_roundworm_in_petri_dishanisms invading our bodies which deplete the body of necessary nutrients. Toxins are all around us: in the air, the food, the water, in our homes, the office where we work, stores, church, and all public places. The acid/alkaline balance should be 20% acid to 80% alkaline.

Toxins and chemicals are contaminants weimgres come in contact with on a daily basis in products such as soaps and all the cleaning agents, carpeting, plastics, mercury fillings in our teeth, industrial materials and fish. Mercury, of which we are warned almost daily, is dangerous as is attacks the master gland (posterior pituitary gland) that regulates the Endocrine System, which regulates the Reproductive System. Mercury suppresses all these systems and more as it destroys the helpful antioxidants in the body.

The older one gets the more toxins are accumulated in the body. These toxins create glandular (thyroid and adrenal) weakness, lung problems, inflammation, sugar imbalance, etc. These symptoms are triggered by the use of stimulants like coffee, tea, refined sugar, alcohol, etc. Eating the correct diet of foods will help regenerate these glandular systems.

grape-1548453__180How does aimages person lift this burden of toxicity? It can be done by detoxifying with the healthy intake of raw fruits and vegetables. If your detox is going well, you can eat freshwater fish – not farm raised. Exercise regularly to strengthen those weakened muscles, and set goals to keep you motivated. Natural whole foods contain more nutrients. The Detox Diet Plan mentioned in an earlier blog is loaded with antioxidants. A good night’s sleep, and taking supplements and corrective herbal formulas is also beneficial.

The time is now – gear up – empower yourself against an early death. Live longer by doing the right thing. The body will heal itself.

God bless!

Fruit – Wonderful Tropical Fruit!

Here in Florida, many Tropical Fruits are available. Listed below are my favorites.

POMEGRANATE: Love this fruit. pomegranate-17282257I saw a new contraption on YouTube for getting the seeds out nice and clean.  It worked. This fruit can be grown in Florida. It is a shrubby tree…grows 6-12 feet tall. I’ve got just the place for one in my backyard. Think I will give it a try – that is if I can find someone who sells the tree.


LOQUAT: I do have one of these trees. The squirrels love the fruit. One day I looked at my tree and said to myself…this is going to be a good harvest. Two days later the whole top of the tree looked like I had pruned it. Had to be the squirrels. It’s fruit is a tasty small yellow to orange fruit…has a big seed inside. Tastes kind of like a cross between a peach and a pear to me. It can’t be bought in stores because it doesn’t ship or store well.

isFIG: I have this one too. It has taken a long time to grow….I put it in a pot because this can become a pretty big tree and I didn’t have the space. I didn’t know the color of figs range from green to purple. I had two green ones and was waiting for them to get ripe….The squirrels got them too.

5039287167794ccf-f71b-4504-8970-628ba56cb3beMACADAMIA: I haven’t tried this tree. It was interesting, to discover it also is an “attractive evergreen ornamental” tree. I had better find a spot for this one….as I love those expensive to buy nuts. This tree grows great in Hawaii. However, it is listed as a tree that also grows well in Florida.

AVOCADO: How many times have you tried planting those big seeds in a pot? image020Did you know Florida and California fruits have different nutritional values?  Did you know the tree has male and female flowers on the same tree, and you get fruit sporadically if they don’t bloom at the same time? I’ve had the trees grow and then die, or if they live – have bore no fruit. I have never seen a flower on my trees.  Does anyone have any suggestions about how to plant and grow them to get fruit?

banana_png851BANANA: This is a big tree. It needs lots of space and water. As I have the lack of space I haven’t tried to grow these trees, but have friends who grow them well in their yards.

LYCHEE: I always thought, as many of you may have, that this was a nut-tree. Io-lychee-tree-570t is not, it is a fruit. This tree is also an evergreen. The tree likes humus. There is a Vietnamese family near where I live that farm these trees. They sell the fruit to China and then China sells the fruit back to the United States to stores like Wal-Mart. I first saw the fruit at Wal-Mart  store in Canada. Anyway, mulch…lots and lots of mulch is always piled around bottom to hold the moisture in the root system. I love the fresh fruit, but have seen them canned in some grocery stores.

MANisGO: When ripe…the taste of this fruit cannot be beat. However, my first experience was with eating a not so ripe fruit – which left a bitter taste in my mouth for this one. I have since learned to love mangos. There are many varieties – that is why so many different shapes and sizes are on display in the grocery store.

isPAPAYAS: I have been growing this tree for over 30 years here in Florida. It is another species with many shapes and sizes of fruit. I plant the seeds…get many trees and then sort them out. Some growers still say you need a male and a female tree to get fruit. However, I did purchase a bisexual treeis, out of curiosity. It bore the best fruit I’ve ever eaten. I planted the seeds – gave away the trees – and now many of my neighbors are growing papaya trees with great fruit. I think that kind of blew the male/female theory. However, if you can’t find a bisexual tree you do need a male tree among the female trees to get fruit. Papaya is also the source for pepsin in meat tenderizers.  This fruit works wonders in the digestive tract.

mini-pineapple-1462169__180.jpgPINEAPPLE:  My very favorite. I have had great success growing pineapples in pots. When ripe, I twist the top off, and peel off the bottom leaves until I see the little root sprouts. Then, I put the top in a glass of water for a few days before I plant it or I plant it right away.  Either way works. I put a little Miracle Grow around the bottom of the plant, water it when it needs water, and in 12 to 18 months I have a pineapple.  I have 3-4 plants growing at staggered times so I have fruit to eat on a regular basis every 12 – 18 months. Love that Hawaiian Queen variety. Pineapple is a great source for pain relief because of the Bromelain content in the fruit.

220px-averrhoa_carambola_ars_k5735-7STAR FRUIT (Averrhoa carambola): The five-angled star fruit, also known as carambola, is a waxy yellow-green tropical fruit. Again, described as a bushy evergreen tree, I have seen several varieties here in Florida that don’t look like evergreen trees to me. They grow well here, as they are not cold tolerant. Usually the taste is described as a cross between an apple and a grape.  I always take the seeds out, but read that they are edible….therefore you can eat the whole fruit. Well known for its Vitamin C content – it provides 76% of the daily recommended value in one single serving. It also provides fiber, copper, pantothenic acid and potassium. It also has B-Complex nutrients. There is a tart variety and a sweet variety. I’ve yet to find the tart or bitter variety. Natural fructose provides the sweetness in the sweet variety. Therefore it is recommended that you should not eat too much of it….but the nutritional value is awesome.

How do you eat Star Fruit?  In many ways. Choose fruits that are still firm, not mushy and do not have brown spots all over them. My neighbor has a huge tree and he brings me Star Fruit on a regular basis when the tree is bearing fruit. If there are mushy ones – I use them in smoothies. However, First, wash the fruit thoroughly – scrub it with your fingers and not a brush – or the skin will peel off. Second, with a sharp knife, cut the fruit across its broad side so that it is divided into star-shaped slices. Cut at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. Now you can take out the seeds, eat and enjoy.

Other uses include: putting the cut up pieces in chicken soup, in lettuce or fruit salads, in cookies, cakes, pies, breads, make juice, and smoothies etc. You can even pickle them and make relish with them.

COCONUT:  Last, but not least on my list of fruit….is another of my favorites. I do not grow Coconut coco-218868_960_720Trees. I don’t have the room in my yard for one. Coconut is coming into its own as far as nutritional value, and Coconut Oil is the big item today. It is used in cooking, baking and even as skin care. I will blog more on that later.  I love to cook with coconut oil. It is the cleanest oil to use in popcorn makers and the popcorn tastes better. I also use it as a skin moisturizer. It works miracles, at least for me.

There are many more tropical fruit trees that could be added to this list, but the ones listed are the easiest, in my opinion, to grow in the area in which I live – of Southwest Florida.



What is the difference between a Gland and an Organ?


GLAND: 1. A secretory organ or structure. 2. A cell or group of cells which have the ability to manufacture a secretion that is discharged and used in some other part of the body rather than for its own function. e.g. It selectively removes materials from the blood, concentrates or alters them and secretes them for further use in the body or for elimination from the body. A gland may be simple (consisting of one or a few secreting units) or compound (consisting of many secreting units). Simple glands may be straight, coiled, or branched. Glands consisting of one cell are called unicellular, those of more than one cell multicellular. Secretion is accomplished within cells and is passed through cell membranes into secretory ducts.

Glands of concern for the purpose of beginning the detoxification process include specifically:
1. Adris.jpgenal, a gland lying above each kidney. This gland produces and secretes neurotransmitters, which increases or decreases cardiac output, blood flow to tissues, neuro response, (muscular, skeletal and nerve cells). They increase glucose and fatty acid availability in the blood, all to increase systemic and cellular energy. As well it affects the hormones which affects the reproductive system in both males and females. It aids in tissue repair. It is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic in nature. It is part of the Endocrine System.

2. Endocrine, a structure which secretes a hormone that is absorbed into the blood or lymph; a ductless gland. All of the Endocrine glands are vital to the health and well-being of the physical body. It is part of a system where every tissue in your body interacts with every other tissue.
3. Lymph System: is composed of nodules of lymphatic tissue, found along the path of a lymphatic vessel. The Lymph system is your sewer system. Your Lymph nodes are your septic tanks. Keep them cleaned out. That is the why of raw fruits and vegetables – to keep your GI tract clean. The intestinal flora will restore itself.  Exercise-move, walk.

4. Thyrothyroid.jpgid, a ductless gland of internal secretion situated in the neck in front of the trachea. You need to clean, enhance, strengthen and regenerate the thyroid gland to avoid chronic fatigue, heart arrhythmias, osteoporosis, brittle fingernails, hair loss, arthritis, bursitis, migraine headaches, obesity, wrinkles etc. The thyroid gland affects normal growth and development. It affects calcium utilization for the bones.heartdiagram.jpg

ORGAN: A differentiated structure (as heart or kidney) consisting of cells and tissues and performing some specific function – a body part performing a function or cooperating in an activity. Most organs are in pairs. Any one organ may be extirpated (destroyed completely, wiped out, removed surgically) and the remaining one will perform all necessary functions peculiar to it. Even half the brain may be removed without being fatal. From one-third to two fifths of some organs may be removed without interference with their functions.

Organs of concern in the detoxification process include:

Kidney2.jpg1. Kidneys – two organs situated at the back of the abdominal cavity, with one on each side of the spinal column. Their function is to excrete urine  which contains the end product of metabolism and to help regulate the water, electrolytes, and acid base content of the blood. The Bladder is the vesicle which acts as a reservoir for the urine.

liver_illustration.jpg2. Liver – the largest organ in the body. It is situated on the right side beneath the diaphragm, is covered by a tough fibrous sheath – is the site of a great many metabolic functions. The liver receives blood from the portal vein and thus is the first organ to receive blood from the intestine where the blood has absorbed the final decomposed products of digestion. From this blood, the liver removes glucose from which it synthesizes glycogen which it stores.The liver excretes bile pigments – filters out and destroys bacteria present in the blood stream. It is also a storage place for vitamin B-12 and the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. It plays a role in the regulation of blood volume and is one of the main sources of body heat. (Hence, the temperature changes in the body, sweats, chills, and liver enlargement). Cholesterol, which is found in most body cells and is a major constituent of bile, is manufactured mainly in the liver. The Gallbladder is a pear-shaped sac on the under-surface of the right lobe of the liver holding bile from the liver until discharged through the cystic duct. Once the gallbladder is removed, other body parts to include the liver and bile duct generally compensate for its absence working hard to do what the gallbladder was designed to do.

is.jpg3. Stomach and Bowels. The stomach is a dilated saclike, distensible portion of the alimentary canal below the esophagus and below the diaphragm to the right of the spleen, partly under the liver. It is composed of a fundus or round part, a body or middle portion, and pyloric portion which is the small end. It has two openings: the upper cardiac orifice opens into the esophagus and the lower pyloric orifice opens into the duodenum. The stomach is composed  of four layers; the outer serous coat covers almost all of the organ. The muscular layer just beneath is formed of three layers of smooth muscle fibers; an outer longitudinal layer, a medial circular layer and an inner oblique layer. The submucous layer is a connecting medium between the muscular and mucous layer, the inner lining of the stomach. The stomach secretes gastric juice and converts proteins into peptones serving as an organ of digestion. It regulates the admission of food to the remainder of the gut, acting as a reservoir – its acid kills a large proportion of the microbes present in most food. It is important in the acid-base equilibrium of the body – particularly when electrolytes are removed from the body during vomiting. Many of the body issues begin in the stomach to include cancer, cardiac, and even tooth dentition problems.

Bowels – the15962731-digital-illustration-of-human-digestive-system-in-colour-background.jpg intestines which purpose is the evacuation of feces. The number of bowel movements varies in normal individuals. Today it is advocated that a person have from 1 to 3 bowel movements a day in order to maintain good intestinal health.

Some glands and some organs may be referred to interchangeably within certain body systems, such as the Endocrine System.

Right now we are concerned mainly with those glands, organs and systems suggested above.  As you read the information given – you should begin to understand how each of your body systems and parts interact with each other.  If something goes wrong in one system/part, it affects most,- if not all, of the others systems or parts.

The biggest issues encountered when the systems are affected or weakened include: brain and nerve function, heart, vascular system, skin, blood pressure, muscle weakness, gastrointestinal, inflammation, aging, osteoporosis, acidosis, hormonal imbalance, cholesterol plaque, sugar (diabetes) and etc.

It is important that you be in charge of your health’s destiny. Don’t let bad habit food choices create toxic conditions in your bodies that can result in illness or death.

(References for this article include: Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary; Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary; and The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.)

I pray this article helps each of my readers to understand their bodies better, and how all the body’s parts work hand in hand. More body system info will come after you all have had a chance to digest this information, which may be new to some of you.

May God Bless!

Understanding SUGAR

(Quotes are from: A Tragic Myth: The Truth about Sugars by Dr. Robert Morse)

The human body is a machine and needs fuel to run. The fuel consists of amino acids, fatty acids and SUGAR.  It is the sugar mixed with oxygen that the body needs to run the machine.


What do you know about Sugar?

There are two types: #1 Monosaccharide: A simple sugar e.g. glucose, fructose, and galactose (also known as carbohydrates). Simple sugar cannot be broken down any further. #2 Poly or Disaccharide: Complex sugars or starch – consists of several glucose/fructose bonds – depends upon the type of starch or carbohydrate.

FACT: “The body’s digestive system separates the simple from the complex.”  To do so, “it must break down a complex amino acid (protein) into amino acids, fats to fatty acids, and starch or complex sugars to simple sugars before your body can use it properly. “Your body mixes glucose or fructose with oxygen to make cellular energy (known as ATP). Without ATP, cells weaken.  Therefore, “sugar (carbon) and oxygen are the number one need of your body.

Simply, when you consume complex sugars your body has to deal with it. Acidosis has settled in – the immune system is compromised – and the adrenal gland is weakened, all of which lead to blood sugar problems-such as Diabetes.

Factually, “the same is true with proteins and fats.” Toxemia is caused from excess proteins, fats and sugars.  If the lymphatic system is weak the parasites move in along with body odors, inflammation and atrophy of the body.”

When you feel low energy and fatigueitaly-1264104__180 – again, it means your adrenal glands are weak. “Mistakenly, we think that protein is our energy source.” Not so, “carbon and oxygen (carbohydrate) is our main source of chemical energy.

Your body does not use proteins for energy. “Nature uses the parasitic kingdom to clean and get rid of that which is not needed….to support life in a healthy way.” Healthy cells and a healthy lymph gland do not need parasitic interception.

NOTE: EXCESS STARCHES AND SUGARS feed yeast, fungus, molds, warts, etc., which also is an indication that the adrenal gland is not functioning as it should.

In Summary: The body needs Sugar, the Right Sugar, Simple Sugar (glucose and fructose) natural – not processed.

unnamedFruits are good providers of this simple sugar. Fruits are high in antioxidants and astringents. They are “superior for blood sugar conditions, pancreatitis, hepatitis, and all other gastric and intestinal conditions. Fruits are a superior brain and nerve food. Deep tissue detoxification can only take place with fruits and water fasting.”download-1salad

Vegetables also detox, but at a lower level.


 Welcome to the world of DETOXIFICATION!

Connecting the Body Parts

I don’t remember the words exactly, but there was a song that went somethings like this…..

“The Head Bone’s connected to the Neck Bone,thumb16
The Neck Bone’s connected to the Shoulder Bone,
The Shoulder Bone’s connected to the Backbone,
The Backbone’s connected to the Hip Bone,
The Hip Bone’s connected to the Leg Bone,
The Leg Bone’s connected to the Knee Bone,
The Knee Bone’s connected to the Ankle Bone,”

And somewhere in there should be an Arm Bone, Finger Bones, a Foot Bone, and Toe Bones. I’ll add, and what’s 200px-anatomical_male_figure_showing_heart_lungs_and_main_arteries44952957-human-organ-anatomy-set-illustrationall that stuff in between?
It’s as the pictures show…it’s the muscle, connective tissue, tendons. membrane, cartilage, blood vessels, veins, all the internal organs, and etc.

Did you know that “the Brain and Nervous system cells are the highest energy centers of your body”?

Did you know that “Vegetables are builders of muscle and skeletal tissue. And, “that seeds and nuts are structural foods that strengthen the body as a whole”?

Making bad food choices can upset the whole body system…changing the chemical balance, which in turn causes toxin build-up that can permeate the whole body.  This is not how God meant it to be.

Here I will reiterate that if you are following the Detox Diet Plan it is for a committed 2-3 weeks. After that, Herbal Formulas and Supplements need to be integrated into the Plan for which you need the advice of a Detox Specialist. I can advise you in that process and gear it to your specific needs. Go to my Contact page and leave your e-mail and/or any comments or questions. I will respond ASAP.

We are in this together – building healthier bodies.  Life is good!


The human body is unique.  All the parts of the human body have a purpose. They work together in perfect harmony, like a machine, providedsk-female-anterior_1 none of the body parts have been removed.  In that case, alterations are usually made. Depending on the circumstances and/or issues, for various reasons, the Body Chemistry of all humans starts out the same. However, in time, because of each person’s lifestyle and eating habits the Body Chemistry changes.

Eventually everyone ends up going to a Doctor.  In the old days the doctor advised folks about the foods they should eat, their activities, and how important a good night’s sleep was for the healing process of the body.  During the war years (1940’s) everyone here in the United States was asked by the beets-1584454__180government to have a Victory Garden.  Almost everyone on the block on which you lived grew their own food. We did. I remember standing on the plow while Daddy pushed it (we lived in the city), making the row’s to plant the seeds – good seeds – not genetically modified (GMO) seeds. We grew potatoes, beans, peas, corn, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, all the good health basics.  We also had just about every fruit bearing tretree-304259__180e: to include peach, apricot, apple, pear, Bing cherry, plum and as well, strawberries, raspberries, all kinds of melons, grapes, rhubarb and anything else that would grow during the Utah summers. Then my mother would preserve all she could so we would have good food to eat during the winter. We had, what was called a Fruit Room, in the basement of our house, to keep the preserved food from spoiling. It was like having a built-in refrigerator, as it stayed cool all year. As a child, eating healthy was the way of life. I never had a cavity in my teeth until I left home. Once away from home I became exposed to all the processed foods and created bad eating habits. When I was too busy to eat healthy I took shortcuts – which put me on the downside of the roller coaster.

Today, doctors give you a pill for all your ill’s. There seems to be a pill for everything. In the 1960’s, a friend (a vegan) who was the wife of a doctor, was the first to alert me to how important it is to read the inserts, that back then, came with all the prescription medications. She pointed out that the inserts had warnings, which the drug companies were mandated by the government, to release to the public. Today you see and hear about the warnings in TV ads and magazine ads for prescription and over the counter drugs. It is a General Warning that if you take this or that medication, beware, as it can also do this, or cause that.  The medication fixes one problem, while at the same time, creates one or multiple other problems. WHAT IS ONE TO DO? WHO SHOULD ONE LISTEN TO OR TRUST?

LISTEN to and TRUST YOUR OWN BODY!  Learn your body, how it reacts to this, to that. e.g. My body stores. The directions on an Aspirin bottle says take 1 tablet every 4 hours for pain.  If I did that I’d end up in the hospital. The effect of 1 aspirin in my body lasts for 3 days. How much do you know about how your body reacts to prescription or over the counter medications?

Read the warnings. Do you want to deal with heart problems, kidney, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and a myriad of other issues?  START TODAY – LEARN YOUR OWN BODY!

Life is good!  God Bless!